Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sasha Fesitval 2013 - Part Six: 'Dressed in My Sunday Best" Brunch, Raffle & Goodbyes.

Well it seemed the Sunday rolled round very quickly and we met for Brunch at 9.30am.

There was a lovely feast set out catering for various tastes.

Lovely fresh fruit.

Pastries and cakes, croissants and bagals

Scrambled egg and hash browns

Bacon and pancakes

I don't think I have ever had quite such an interesting mix for breakfast!

It as our last chance to enjoy the company of our Sasha friends.

Lots of merriment and chit chat.

All enjoying the breakfast

After breakfast Heidi had arranged a very special surprise for us all.

A beautiful silver charm and bracelet to remember the Festival and also with the possibility to add to for future festivals.  (Photo of my bracelet to come)

She also gave extra charms to her helpers....

Here she tells a story about a certain lady and suitcases from last years festival in the UK!  

Needless to say the extra charm was indeed a miniature suitcase.

Elliot took charge of pulling out the winning numbers for the helpers raffle.

Amazingly I actually won something!

I never usually win anything in raffles so was so surprised and thrilled to hear my number called out.

Henry got to draw out the number of the UK/Europe Raffle prize which was indeed an honour.

Gayle was the very lucky winner of Charlotte & her World.

She asked Henry to pose with Charlotte and her beautiful blonde girl.

Before Brunch people had been posing their Sasha girls in their beautiful smocked dresses by Mollie Dingham.

First there were five...

Who were then joined by another two girls who seemed somewhat stand-offish or shy.

A few more joined in.

Finn wanted to join in to show off his Millie Dingham smocked jersey.

In the meantime a few more girls had joined the line up.

The girls called Henry over to join them...

He looked up at them in awe...

...all so very beautiful.

Finn calls Millie over to join them.

All the smocking different, lots of lovely colours and patterns.

Just look at these girls, aren't they beautiful and aren't they lucky to have someone has talented as Millie to make them such gorgeous dresses?

A few photos taken in the Atrium before and after brunch and during the week...

Fran's two lovely girls standing with a lovely redhead dungarees girl.  Boo's three beautiful babies in their pretty dresses waiting patiently for breakfast.

A lovely Sasha, I can't remember who this girl belonged to.  I just loved her dress as well.

Pretty face.

Henry was pretty pleased with himself to say hello to many of his friends.

Brenda M. and Henry

Henry & Carol S.  (Harry's Mom, you may remember Harry visited with Henry last year before the Festival)

Henry, Carol and I

Dorisanne enjoying a chat with Henry.

Henry chatting to Caleb with Elliot

Ginger (Pinny's Mom) with Kendal and Henry

Heidi and Henry

Henry with Jackie K.

Henry & I with Norvell

Henry & Tom in conversation.

Henry with the lovely Leah who provided our hot water for a Green Tea every morning.

Henry saying goodbye and thank you for a lovely time to the Hotel receptionist.

Last post to come....

All my Festival Souvenir gifts and goodies.


  1. Henry looks so dapper in that vest.

    I am astounded at the smocked dresses with all the different patterns. Imagine getting one for attending? That lady must have a generous heart to do all that work.

    One of these days I vow to smock a dress for someone. Very enjoyable posts Lorraine, even for we uninitiated!

  2. Doesn't he indeed?

    I was just so completely bowled over by those smocked dresses as indeed I am sure many were. So much work and yes such a generous heart to do so as well.

    There are some very generous people out there indeed as I discovered when organising a surprise replacement doll for my friend who had hers stolen.

    I am going to try my hand at smocking. That is what I plan to do next!

    So glad you have enjoyed these posts. Thank you.

  3. I'm loving all your posts - I'm sharing them with my girl every time they appear.

    Good luck with the smocking. My first attempt was too tight (the lime green top), second attempt was for a much smaller doll, and the third try was the dress I smocked for Charlotte and her wonderful collection which Gayle won. I'd like to smock again soon, but have other projects to complete first. I wish I had a smocking pleater, it would save time (I imagine Millie D has one).

    1. So glad you and your daughter are enjoying the posts :-) I am looking forward to trying some smocking. I would love a smocking pleater but I think they are probably hard to come by over here.

  4. Thank you for the photos and the descriptions Lorraine!!! It is wonderful to see everyone again ! Such a great time!! So very nice to meet you!!!

    1. It was so lovely to meet you as well Ginger, and I am glad you are enjoying the photos. Thank you.

  5. Henry seems to be a most popular guy. Bet that he's exhausted after all that 'meeting and greeting!'

  6. WOW those dresses are GORGEOUS! Such a talented, and obviously very patient, lady, to make all of those....I hear it took her a year to do them all! That is some work! But so beautiful, she must have felt very proud when she saw how happy they made people when they received theirs.
    I love the photos of the breakfasts too....I have always loved American breakfasts, they fill you up for the whole day and no need for lunch! LOL....
    Henry seems to have enjoyed himself, making lots of new friends too!
    It certainly looked like a wonderful event Lorraine!

    1. She is an amazing and generous talented lady and I feel so lucky to have one of her dresses.

  7. It's so much fun to enjoy the Festival once again in your photos. I, too, am determined to learn to smock after seeing all the incredible dresses that Millie made for us. I was stunned to find that she smocked the backs of the dresses as well as the fronts. Incredibly beautiful work - everyone who received one will enjoy it for years to come. Thanks so much for such thorough documentation of our time at the 2013 Festival.

    The brunette Sasha in the studio style dress with the white background and pink and teal flowers is worn by my repaint Sasha by Kelly Wenarsky. She's one of my favorite Sashas, and I believe she enjoyed going to the Festival almost as much as I did.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to relive those days.


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