Friday, 26 July 2013

Henry has a new guest.

Henry has a new guest to stay and has blogged over here.


  1. ANOTHER guest! Oh, how lovely for 'Dear' Henry.
    Is this his Summer holiday exchange student then?
    Will any of the German language be being spoken?
    I'm sure that Fritz, Niklaus and and Spencer, being Gotz lads, will be very interested in these following posts.

    1. Indeed, Henry does enjoy having guests to stay and the subsequent fun they have together. I don't think any German will be spoken....Ryder says he has lived in the USA for sometime now he has forgotten all his German! Perhaps that is why he has been sent here in the hope he may get the opportunity to brush up on it! Sadly my German speaking friend now lives in the USA having moved there a couple of months ago, so probably no more holidays in Germany for us.


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