Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sasha Festival 2013 - Part Three: Children's Fund Auction.

Saturday evening was the Children's Fund Auction

In no particular order I have photographed some of the Auction items and what they went for in the Auction.

Land of Oz Costumes donated by Geraldine Brodt  $240

Gregor & his Bike donated by Dawn Law  $290

Dress with pinafore, scarf & shoes sewn and donated by Phyllis Guedeke  $60

OOAK Max and one of the Wild Things from the children's classic by Maurice Sendike was made & donated by Karola Miller   £225

The three dresses on the right were donated after the catalogue went to print and I am not sure what the numbering of them was.   The Scottish Outfit was donated by Phyllis and raised $50

The Judy/Erica Sweaters were a Dutch Auction and went for $15 each

The doll on the right in the Sailor Dress was part of the Jackie Hyatt memorial doll auction which raised $230

The lovely studio style dress was altered and donated by Sheila Foery and came with a petticoat and pantalets along with leather shoes and spoolie dolly raised $100

This wonderful quilt set was made and donated by Lorrie & Laura Osterdyk and Kim Barnes.  There is a lap size quilt, a quilt for Sasha and a quilt for baby as well as matching nightshirt for Sasha, pyjamas for Gregor and a nightdress for Baby.   $240

The bright flowery outfit on the left was made and donated by Carol Mitchell and consisted of three pieces, pantaloons, petticoat and studio style long sleeve dress.  $75

The Yellow Summer suit with hat , bag and shoes was sewn and donated by Phyllis Guedeke  $50

The wonderful skating outfit complete with tiara and skates and her first place ribbon was made and donated by Wilma Roberts  $90

The sweet gingham dress and sandals on the far right was made and donated by Monica Jarpay went for £200

The studio style dress made from a Victorian Christening gown in memory of Jackie Hyatt was made and donated by myself and went for an incredible $250!  

The doll on the far left (a sweet brunette waif) wearing a red pinafore outfit made by Jackie Hyatt and holding another donated by Heidi Wheeler was donated by Ginger Mullins  $165

Next we have a pink sweater by Erica McLeod, dotted blouse and blue hand-dyed overalls and hair ribbon, made and donated by Carol Mitchell  $45

The wonderful ensemble 'Dress for the Derby" celebrating Jinny Lee's thirty years of attending Sasha Festivals was made and donated by the family, Brenda, Barbara, Joanne and of course Jinny Lee went for $200.  Jinny Lee desinged and created a vintage dotted Swiss dress for Sasha with Velveteen coat.  Joanne created a matching hat celebrating the Kentucky Derby.  The hat was such fun! It was hand painted by Joanne and had horses adorning it.  Barbara made Gregor's Derby outfit of an Eaton Jacket of teal velveteen with matching velveteen knee length shorts, socks and ruffled shirt and bow tie.  Brenda created the baby's outfit, a romper of teal velveteen with an accent of dotted swiss tabs and lining which match Sasha's dress.

The mustard yellow felt cape, hat and red boots was made and donated by Phyllis Guedeke  $40

The sweet little baby smocked top and long bloomers and cap was made and donated by Kirsten Hascup  $45

The really beautiful jumper/dress on the left was very popular!  It was made and donated by Cheryl Mills of Adair for Sasha.  The dress is made from really soft Italian cashmere in a rich green and purple plaid and was teamed with a beautiful light lilac/grey Italian cotton with a tiny paisley embroidery sprinkled over it.  $190

Floral print hoodie with jeans & tennis shoes sewn and donated by Phyllis Guedeke $40

Cute striped skirt made by Carol Mitchell  to co-ordinate with the green stripe sweater made by Erica McLeod  $60

White wicker vanity dressing table and stool donated by Tilly Mason $50

Denim overalls made by Carol Mitchell to go with the peach sweater made by Erica McLeod was donated by Carol Mitchell  $65

'Baby Erica' in memory of Erica McLeod, with proceeds going to the New Zealand Save the Children Chapter was full of items donated by lots of lovely people  $200

Far left:  Part of the 'Ellen Project" a project began as a way to celebrate Ellen's completion of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy from stage two breast cancer.  A group of Ellen's friends donated these items from which proceeds will go to St Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

'Winter Camp'  a cooking outfit consisting of pants, white ribbed t-shirt, apron, chef's hat, shoes and accessories, made and donated by Barb Steinberg $50

'Computer Camp' consisting of computer, bottle of snapple,  and outfit made and donated by Dorisanne Osborn, sleeping bag and whistle donated by Diane Root  $50

Beautiful baby outfit made and donated by Judy Burger in memory of Erica.  $68

Long waisted formal dress created by Jinny Lee Myers.  $70

Cute Polka dot romper with matching hat made and donated by Phyllis Guedeke $55

'Summer Camp (Ellen Project)  Softball outfit complete with flag, socks, sneakers, baseball, bat & cap made and donated by Barb Steinberg  $70

'Music Camp', a fun outfit consisting of a blouse made in a sailor style matched with shorts and hat made by Dorisanne Osborn.  Shoes made by Jean Jensen and socks by Karen Warnaka, donated by Diane Root .  Dorisanne also included a guitar, case and music book.  $100

'Summer Camp' outfit made and donated by Martha Nelson.  Accessories included a lovely soft leather shoulder bag holding assorted stones and seashells.  A sand dollar charm bracelet and a little lattern key chain.   $60

The outfit worn by Cora was made and donated by Dottie Daily and consists of a white gauze half slip, pantalets, wrap and gorgeous ethnic print dress.  $75

The basket of 15 sweaters was a Dutch Auction and was made and donated by Amei Walder.  They went for $17 each and I was lucky enough to win one of these.

The pretty blue dress in cotton corduroy was made by Norvell Jones of Walnut Run and the Fisherman's rib jacket and cap was made by Lora Garrison of Silly Dog Designs.  This joint collaboration raised $110

The lovely sweater I won.  
I will show photos of it being worn along with the other photos of items of clothing at the end of my Sasha Festival posts.

The little pink two piece sleeping outfit for baby was made and donated by Phyllis Guedeke $35

The High Tea party dress heirloom sewing for Sasha was made by Karol Gooch  $60

The blonde waif was donated by Ginger Mullins and is wearing an outfit by Jackie Hyatt donated by Heidi Wheeler went for $210

The wonderful handcrafted Walnut sasha sized wardrobe was something I would loved to have bid for and won, but practicality and logic overruled was HEAVY and how on earth would I have got it home?  It was commissioned and donated by Bonnie Jean Kennedy $225

To the left of the wardrobe standing was a set of three matching ensembles made by Bella Bambino from England, donated by Carol Sluys  $95

To the right of the wardrobe is a little red bolero and yellow booties made by Erica McLeod and baby romper made and donated by Carol Mitchell $50

The very pretty pink dress of Swiss cotton fabric overlaid with embroidered lace, complete with underwear shoes and socks was made and donated by Marty Murphy  $130

In front of Gregor who is wearing a shirt and jeans  is a lovely quilt, shirt, smocked top, sweater, jeans, pyjamas made and donated by Millie Dingham $90  (Gregor not included)

The dress Cora is wearing was made and donated by Mary Hokke and comes with the socks and shoes  $65

Teh lovely silk dress, leather shoes, matching handbag and mohair cardigan and socks was created and made by Brigitte Schwitter $125

'Seaside Morning' a customised OOAK doll handpainted by Kelly Wernarsky with outfit made by Dreaming Under the Lilacs, and sandals made by Gigi Company was donated by Rosie Shortell and Gayle Rotheim.  I thought this girl was beautiful by sadly wasn't the lucky winner, but I was thrilled when I found out who was, a very young friend of mine.  $290

The wonderful knitted outfits for both Sasha and Gregor were donated by Pat Pellerito  $75

The pretty smocked dress and shoes were made and donated by Ruth and Lisa Hartley  $90

This lovely shadow box ensemble was made by Norvell Jones and consists of a beautiful dress of blue sateen, hand embroidered bodice with decorative vintage pearl buttons on the back, shoes, socks and undies.  I was determined to win this and I did!  I have donated the box back to go towards next year's creation by Norvell. :-)  $115

There were many more amazing and wonderful items donated which I didn't get a chance to photograph, but I hope you have enjoyed those that I managed.


  1. Thank you Lorraine!!! A great coverage of the auction and such fun for a very worthy cause :)

    1. It was indeed a worthy cause Ginger, raising funds for Children is very dear to my heart. :-)

  2. How I would have liked to have been there to bid on some of those gorgeous CFA offerings but pleased to hear that you were lucky with a couple that you had wanted.

    It's so lovely that the Sasha collectors are so generous with their donations to the various charities that have been chosen.

    Congratulations on your studio dress made from the christening gown doing so well.
    What are you planning to showcase on your blog next? Looking forward to seeing the new outfits on your dolls at the end.

    1. There were so many wonderful items to bid on, and I did bid on a few, but I knew that I REALLY wanted the beautiful blue dress so had to wait for that and of course once I had won that I couldn't really bid for anything else.

      I was really overwhelmed when my dress raised that much for the Children's fund and I am thrilled it did so for such a worthy cause.

      Next up is the Dress a Sasha competition :-)

  3. Great report and photos of the big event Lorraine, thanks for sharing. I love the Wizard of Oz outfits, what a fantastic idea, some people are so very creative! Although I bet those poor little Sashas and Gregors were hot in those!!
    Glad your dress went well, I expect you were really pleased.
    Love the little redhead boy and also the Kelly Wernarsky repaint with her very cute outfit.
    It certainly looks like everyone had a fantastic time!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Sharon. The Wizard of Oz outfits were such fun, would have loved to have won those! Fortunately the hotel was well air conditioned so the Sasha and Gregors didn't suffer too much from the heat :-)

      I was absolutely thrilled much dress raised so much for charity - it was beyond my expectations.

      A fantastic time by all was had indeed.

  4. Oh Lorranie, there were lots of beautiful outfits, but your beautiful Christening gown was indeed the most beautiful of all there. I'm so happy that it did so well in the auction. :o)

  5. Thank you so much Lorraine for ALL your photos. It makes me feel like I was there with you. And I appreciated seeing my little item in your blog, because I couldn't help wondering if it actually made it there, and if it sold.And it did, so that also made me feel like I was there in a small way- part of all the fun! And I love the outfit you won. I think it is pretty special and I can see why you chose it. I want to try to do some little tucks like that with embroidery, how elegant! And congratulations on your beautiful dress selling at such a great price too, wow! Though I am not surprised, it is worth every penny. And to think you almost didn't make it to the festival...I am so glad you went!

    1. Thank you Kirsten for taking the time to comment and write such a lovely long one as well. So glad you enjoyed the photos and saw your item as well :-) I am so pleased I made the effort to sell the dolls, get myself out of strife and manage to go to the festival and I am so glad that my health improved enough to enable me to do so as well. I feel very blessed and lucky indeed.

  6. Just as well I couldn't go.... the house would have been sold and I would have had nowhere to bring back and enjoy all the goodies I'd have bought with the proceeds. Tell Henry I'd have bought him his car too, if I'd gone a little crazy and made DH and Mother homeless in order to buy Sasha stuff, LOL.
    Can you tell me about the beautiful boy behind the lilac quilts made/donated by Millie Dingham? Is his hair rooted or a wig? What a great colour. Love those red haired boys ever since I fell in love with, but missed buying, Shelly's son's doll, when he sold him years ago.
    What memories you will have of this festival. I've never been to one, but the photographs seem to indicate that they get better every year.
    So glad you had such a great time.
    Jenni xx


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