Thursday, 1 August 2013

1st August - Charlotte

It seems August has come round very fast indeed.  August is a busy month for us.  My older son comes home from his World Cruise as a trainee navigator for Princess Cruises ready to embark on the next stage of his on land training in September.   Our family celebrate three birthdays, my Dad, my sister and my husband. Our younger son will get his GCSE results - oh I do hope he gets the grades to get into sixth form! Preparation for the new school year will also be needed to help him get ready for this next stage of study.  I am hoping to get back into playing the Cello which came to an abrupt halt earlier in the year during the medication withdrawal problems I had and I plan to lose the excess weight the drugs caused me to put on! On to dolls!

The Trendon girl I have chosen for this month  is Charlotte.  Poor Charlotte has had rather an uncertain time these last few months, what with being on my For Sale page and very nearly being sold.

She was one of the first three dolls my lovely husband bought for me in 2011 and she has really not had a lot of attention paid to her, tending to just have been a display doll in her Blue Gingham outfit.  As such I guess this is why she ended up in a precarious position. I am not one for 'display only Sashas' they need to be handled, dressed, played with and loved.  

 It was only when I needed a model for a 'mini me' for my 'Images of Childhood' Dress A Sasha Competition entry and Charlotte fitted the bill perfectly that she really became noticed.

I always used to wear my hair up in a part pony tail and it was crucial that my model could as well.  

Me in 1974.

This of course led to more 'modelling' opportunities for Charlotte as she tried to convince me to take her to the Sasha Festival

Showing off all her good points.

Different sides

I unfortunately had to disappoint her as I just didn't have the room to take her.  However, as recompense I said that she could be my next Trendon Sasha to feature and represent August. 

So here she is in the pretty smocked dress from the Festival made by Millie Dingham.

Somehow it seems quite appropriate that the dress is a soft orange/peach colour.  

Welcome Charlotte.

You can click on any of the photos of my Trendon Monthly Sashas and it will take you to the page that tells a little about them.


  1. Charlottle looks absolutely delightful in your Millie Dingham Festival gift dress in the last few photos.

    She certainly looks 'as pretty as a picture' for your August's Sasha Doll of the month which hopefully makes up a little for her not being able to go to the festival.

    1. I think she is just so very relieved that she is not going anywhere :-) But yes I think the little smocked dress and being featured this month makes up for not being able to go to the festival.

  2. Lorraine is that really you in the orange dress?? I have just been apologising for not keeping up with the blogs (sorry). I do look but haven't always got time to comment! xx

  3. Charlotte is very pretty, I'm sure you'd have missed her were you to have sold her!
    She looks lovely in blue too!
    And I love her in her new smocked dress, it is very pretty on her and the perfect colour!


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