Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A little knitting.

I haven't knitted for ages it seems and now the weather has started to change the knitting needles have been brought out again in the evenings.  

One of the knitting groups I belong to have had a fun 60s/70s Challenge and the 'prize' for completing this challenge was a lovely pattern 'Mondrian Magic'.  A great little pattern that knits up quickly.   I have knitted the first one plain and Victoria is modelling it here.

I have almost finished a little short sleeve top that can be worn underneath this and then I will start on the multi-coloured dress.


  1. Which just goes to show that the same pattern can be made to look totally different depending on the choice and combination of colour and pattern - I hadn't realised this was a Mondrian style dress when I saw the photos on Flickr, but I'm now picturing it in my mind with blocks of colour. The same dress could be a 'tunic' dress over leggings, making a different outfit again.

    I love the colour choice here (and it suits your girl).

  2. This is lovely - I've just bought the pattern!

    Did you knit the socks too?


    1. So glad you bought the pattern as well, you will have fun with it I am sure!

      No I didn't knit the socks, they were knitted by Gill, she makes great socks!

  3. Love how the JJ sandals are a perfect nmatch to the wool of the dress. Very pretty doll.

  4. She looks very cute Lorraine, the pink is perfect for her blond colouring.
    I would like to attempt to knit socks, but have never knitted on those round needles before.....and I'm sure I wouldn't be able to knit with three needles at once, I get in enough of a muddle knitting with two! LOL. Maybe I just just stick with sewing!!!!


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