Saturday 24 August 2013

Back to School Swap - Gifts Recieved - Part One.

Swappers have started receiving their 'Back to School' Swap gifts and what fun everyone has had.

DollMum swapped with Betty and has received these lovely items.

A beautiful smocked dress and cardigan, camera and trophy

Maracas - always necessary for good musc making.

As you can see DollMum's beautiful daughter is intent on helping 'Laura' to hold the macaracas.

DollMum has written a lovely post about the gifts received which can be read here.


Ginger's swap partner was Diane who was the first to send her swap parcel!

These are the lovely things Diane sent Ginger

Two charming dresses with wonderful school themes...apples and hoola hoops

Beautiful smocked dress, don't these girls just look as pretty as a picture.

An Apple for the Teacher!

Just wonderful, I look forward to seeing what Ginger sent Diane.


My swap partner was Charla

I made her a school 'gym slip' as they used to be known here with a little white shirt and red tie.

I also made a school satchel, a little pencil case (which was rather fiddly I must say!) and included some coloured pencils, an artists palette and a little book.

Items modelled by my sweet Molly.

Charla has blogged about these here and you can see Alexandra is very excited about her first day at school

Some wonderful swap gifts received so far.  Please don't forget to send your photos to me so I can show more.

I know that some more have already received their gifts, so looking forward to seeing them.

Thank you all for taking part.

I have another exciting swap coming up soon....

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