Monday 26 August 2013

Back to School Swap - Part Two

Some more photos have come in of this fun swap.

First up we have the gifts that Caryn sent to Sheila her swap partner.

Everything in this photo was sent apart from the doll and the table!

Just look at these wonderful things - where DID Caryn find that cute little stapler I wonder?

Looks like she even remembered the spending money for the tuck shop!

Next are the gifts that Sheila sent Caryn.

Cordelia was thrilled with her new school dress and wonderful accessories - all kitted out for school.

Aren't these great and such fun?

Just love the shoes as well with the little beading work on the toes.

Thank you ladies for these great photos - keep sending them in!


  1. Caryn thanks so much for taking the photos of all the wonderful items you sent my kids they LOVE them ....sorry to say all the cash has been spent at the NYS funday this past weekend the girls found some great goodies at the trading room .thanks for being a GREAT swap partner and Lorraine thanks for a GREAT back to school swap . HUGS to all my Sasha friends Sheila and her Sasha family

    1. So glad you enjoyed it Sheila! :-) Glad to hear your girls enjoyed spending all their pocket money!


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