Sunday, 26 May 2013

The day after...

The boys were woken early this morning amidst grumbles and groans about feeling ill and having headaches...Nothing like a bit of hard work to cure of a self inflicted ill!

They have been tasked with tidying up the garden ready for the lawn to be mowed.

Molly stops to ask them what they are doing....
Not sure she got quite the response she was expecting - no they weren't rude, they just didn't have the energy to communicate!  I think they were all feeling a bit sheepish and embarrassed as well - especially Rory who has a bit of a crush on her.

Meredith and Marcia are taking their baby out for an early morning walk in the sunshine.

Especially for Kendal - pictures of their baby ;-)

They take good care of the little one making sure everything is okay.

Molly stops by to have a chat and tell them about the boys....
Meredith looks somewhat surprised to hear about what happened yesterday with the big bottle of whiskey!


  1. I expected the boys wouldn't feel full of the joys of spring this morning....but at least you're keeping them busy and hopefully out of further mischief Lorraine!!
    Love the girls with their baby and pram, such sweeties. It's a good job they weren't involved with the boozy incident yesterday...I'd hate for them to be arrested for being drunk in charge of a pram! LOL

    Hugs Sharon x

    1. Beautiful photos again Lorraine, lovely to see the girls in their pretty dresses walking the baby in its wonderful pram. Concerning the boys, yes, that gardening in the fresh air will help them get their wits back! Love, Fanny

    2. Thank you Fanny. The girls are enjoying the lovely weather and I think the boys are starting to feel a little better!

  2. Very pleased to finally get to see the baby doll! She looks to be very pretty and obviously is being well cared for and admired by their little mothers.

    Am I to take it that Marcia is here to stay then? I remember she was on the 'doubtful- to go or to stay' list for a time.

    Great idea to put the lads to work to take their minds off the hangovers from yesterday's naughtiness....although they were really innocent thinking that the Whisky was some 'fizzy-pop!'

    Hope that you are feeling much better these days and enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend.

    1. Glad I pleased you Kendal :-)

      Yes Marcia is here to stay - she got taken off the list very early on - she never really made it actually!

      I think the boys are feeling a bit better now - the fresh air and a bit of hard work has done them good. I think they will be a bit more cautious about what they drink next time.

      Certainly enjoying the good weather today!

  3. The girls all look so pretty in their beautiful dresses!

    1. Thank you Vicki - they are enjoying being about to go into the garden.


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