Friday, 10 May 2013

Disappearing Tags & Dolls for Sale

For some reason my page tabs disappeared...they are there again now - not sure what I did, but I have fixed it.

I still have four Sashas and one Gregor available for sale, plus possibly a couple of babies...  Photos and descriptions of dolls can be found by clicking the link  here.

1967 Frido/Trendon Redhead Ballet NP - Sold

1971 Trendon Blonde Gingham

1968/69 Frido/Trendon Blue Jeans Gregor with gold tag and tube

1960s Gotz Brunette Slate Eyes

1960s Gotz Redhead Slate Eyes - Sold

1960s Gotz Redhead Ochre highlight eyes - Sold

If you are seriously interested please email for prices lorraine (@) (removing the brackets and spaces)


  1. So glad some of your children have found new homes and you will be jetting off to the US later in the year. I love your Gotz girls - funny thing, I was never drawn to the older Gotz until a couple of years back - just as the money for adopting began to dry up!
    Hope all the others find loving new mums.
    Jenni xx

  2. Your sales seem to be going well Lorraine, that is really good news and it won't be long before that travel ticket is in your hot little hands!!!
    Good luck on selling them all!
    Hugs Sharon x


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