Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A quiet walk in the fields.

Still feeling slightly subdued from his Saturday experience, Henry went for a quiet walk in the fields yesterday.  

In amongst the rapeseed flowers which make a glorious sea of yellow.

Fortunately Henry doesn't suffer from hayfever as this plant can be notorious for causing allergies such as running nose, streaming eyes etc...

When in full flower all you can see is yellow.


  1. I think Henry won't be repeating the episode of last Saturday in a long time!!!
    The rape does look nice from a distance, all that pretty yellow! But hasn't it got a rather strange smell, sort of cloying? I can't remember now but do recall that it used to make me wrinkle my nose up!!! And of course snneze too!

  2. Henry is such a darling, naughtiness aside!

  3. Yes Sharon, you're quite right, it does have a smell all of it's own but it doesn't actually cause Hayfever as such, it's just because it flowers at the same time as other trees/plants that cause the Hayfever symptoms, that people think that it does. I only know this because my daughter suffers really badly from Hayfever and this came out during one pollen testing.

    Nevertheless it looks so lovely at this time of year when in full bloom, seas of bright yellow flowers stretching for miles, with the raw seeds providing a good cooking oil (considered even better than Olive oil) by just squeezing it whilst the rest of the plant makes a 'high in protein' cattle feed.
    So not only do we have 'beauty' but also double usefulness too!


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