Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Henry helps out in the garden.

Today we had the trees trimmed.

Henry climbs the ladder to see if there is anything he can do to help.

Collecting all the fallen branches would be good please Henry.

Later on Henry gets distracted and goes for a wander around the garden.

He comes upon Posy and feeds her a dandelion leaf.

Climbs the Cherry tree to check out the beautiful blossom.

Great stuff!  The rhubarb is growing well.


  1. Wow, Henry - our rhubarb is only about an inch above the ground. Happy gardening!

    1. I'm amazed at how much the rhubarb has grown in such a short time, I only photographed it with Henry last week I think it was

  2. That boy is tooo daring for his own good! My goodness seeing him up that tall ladder, I bet your heart was in your mouth Lorraine!!! ;)
    It's great that he was so helpful afterwards though, until he was distracted, but then that's boys for you! And you are lucky, you have rhubarb.....I love rhubarb and we can't get it here, except very occasionally at an Iceland supermarket on the coast...and then it's in syrup in a can!
    Hugs Sharon x
    PS Sweet little guinea piggy too!

  3. Henry the Helper is too cute for words! I think Nina has a crush...

  4. I think that WE all could do with a little helper like 'Dear' Henry on these occasions, especially with the bigger jobs....but luckily he knows 'when enough is enough' and goes off exploring rather than take any 'health and safety' risks when you become tired and might not be paying attention to the job in hand.

    1. Henry certainly is a great little helper - pity his BIG brothers don't take a leaf out of his book!


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