Monday, 20 May 2013

Blondes in New Zealand Fabric Dresses.

I made three more dresses with New Zealand fabric today and thought I would do a line up of my blondes (short hair Susan not included - as she said she would only wear short Retro style dresses!)

From left to right:
Sasha (1974 Trendon Blue Gingham), Alice (1968 Trendon Kilt), Meredith (1966 Frido NP), Sally (1971/2  Trendon WF Blue Gingham), Victoria (1970 Trendon Blue Gingham)

Victoria in 'Paua Shells' Batik

Alice in New Zealand 'Postal Stamps'

Sally in NZ Animal Fun.

Sharon - I have tried to capture her face for you as she has the 'Wide Face'


  1. Oh boy Lorraine, Sally is lovely! To be honest I've not really noticed the wide faced blonds...I actually didn't really realise that they came with the wider faces too! Now you've done it...I'll be looking at those too from now on!!!!
    I also love all the fabrics you're using, they're so pretty and colourful. I really am into 'colourful',it was a real challenge making that quite dull check dress yesterday!! Do you buy your fabric from NZ and get it shipped or did you bring this all back on your last trip? It's really nice. I couldn't choose a favourite amongst them, they're all so pretty.
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. I brought the fabric back with me the last couple of trips. I did order some last year as I had some requests for various fabrics but it cost me a fortune in customs! So will have to wait until I next go over to get some more.

  2. I like the batik fabrics and I love the postage stamp fabric too. While I don't own a Sasha doll, I really, really enjoy seeing yours Lorraine and all their pretty outfits and adventures.

    That is kind of you to offer a giveaway of the dress with the batik fabric and birds--beautiful dress.

    1. Thank you :-) It has been fun to make the dresses with these fabrics. They are a bit longer than I normal make Sasha (unless it is a studio type dress) but I wanted to enjoy as much of the fabric as I could.

  3. The dolls and the dresses are stunning Lorraine. Is Sahsa the girl who kept returning home?
    Jenni xx

    1. Yes indeed she is - she was my first Sasha - so Sasha is her name ;-) A bit like people who call their teddy Ted or in my husband's case his panda, Panda!


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