Wednesday, 29 May 2013

It's happening!

So Henry is bouncing with joy at the thought of his next overseas adventure!  
Yes we are bound for the USA and the Sasha Festival in July.

My commitment to selling some of my most beloved dolls paid off both my credit card debt ( I can only begin to tell you what a relief and feeling of peace that brings), and has allowed enough extra for me to go the festival.  Some of you may remember my bare all post here on 'thoughts, debts, obsessions and what to do about it! way back in September last year.  Well although I made some attempt then to sort out the situation - and nearly did, I didn't do it properly - I didn't fully clear my debt and of course it crept back up again to giant proportions this year.  I knew that there was no way I could continue like that for both my peace of mind and also if I ever wanted to go on a trip such as the Sasha Festival, so set to achieving my debt free goal.

So thank you to the lovely people who have bought my dolls and offered them such wonderful homes. It has been very sad to see them go, but also a feeling of relief, that only someone who has been a similar situation can probably fully appreciate.  Two still to leave soon....just waiting for their journey date and two unsold, but hey they can stay if they really want to.   I still have a couple of instruments to sell and I am hoping that I will achieve selling those as well - I can then put that aside for other expenses.

Of course after the festival I won't have anything left over, so will have to think of some ways to earn a little bit of 'Sasha Spending Money'  as I know (like we all do) that I will want to treat myself and my little clan every now and again. I will do what others do and only spend what is in my paypal account.  No more evil CREDIT CARD! I have decided I will start sewing and knitting to sell in earnest having only really dabbled in it every now and again. I will sell under the label 'Muriel Makes' which is the name of my lovely Singer 201K Sewing Machine and a name I have used for the last few years (selling at craft fairs before I stopped doing them) when making and selling other craft type items such as bags, purses, etc... I will of course have to continue to pace myself against BAD pain flare ups - but I am learning more and more what makes the constant daily pain worse.  The doctors and specialists have made it quite clear that I will probably have this problem with pain, well pretty much from now on (oh that is encouraging) and the doctor has said he will fully support me with any applications I make for some kind of disability allowance, but somehow I just don't feel 'right' doing so plus from what I have read and heard the government don't make it easy to achieve this any more and at this stage I am not sure if I could cope with being told 'your condition doesn't meet our criteria'.  So many people out there with Chiari Malformation (CM) and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) and the resulting Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) that often accompanies these issues are in a similar situation.  Crazy as MS is recognised and certainly CM has almost identical symptoms!  Hey and I'm fortunate enough to have CM, TOS & CRaPS!  How lucky is that?!  However, whatever way I look at it I have the pain, have learnt to live with it, now have to accept that it is a part of my life and to get on with things.  Sure there will be both good and bad days, but that is just part of the package that is me, and hey, it could be far worse!   But that is enough of that.  This is a Sasha blog!

So in between planning for this trip, I have the swaps to organise - and have had quite a few people sign up already which is great.  Remember only two days left to sign up for this swap!  Plus I am going to start planning the sorts of things I am going to make to sell, trying to develop my own style.  I very much like making the studio type dresses and outfits so these will of course be included and I want to focus on using both vintage fabrics for these plus New Zealand fabrics for other clothing for both Sasha and Gregor.

This won't happen overnight as I am aware of my limitations and need to pace myself - there is that word again!

So onwards and upwards as they say.

Plus don't forget my giveaway - entries close Friday 31st May - I have had 34 so far!  

And if you read all that you deserve a medal!


  1. That is great news. I am so happy and excited for you that you are going to the festival! Yey, you deserve it! I'm just sorry I won't get to meet you (and Henry)...but, another year:)But good work! And congratulations for making it happen!

    I am sure you will have success with your Sasha sewing. I'm going to try to put myself on a similar for the health issues, once you are ready and up for it, I hope you try for the disability. That's what it is there for. You are an honest person, who would rather be back at your employment if you could. It is not like you are trying to take advantage of the system. And I am sure you "paid in" for many years. But I do understand when you are just not up for the "challenge"...maybe in time. For now, enjoy the anticipation of your upcoming adventure!

    hug, Kirsten (don't mind me if I am signed into a different google/blogger whatever it is...I'm all confused but my husband will help me figure it out later)

    1. Thank you Kirsten - you like to keep me on my toes with all your different Alias and I thought I was bad! ;-)

      Thanks for your constant support and encouragement through your comments you leave me. It is lovely to get the comments and it really does help.

  2. YAY! Congrats, Lorraine! Not just about the Sasha trip, but for working so hard to clear your debt! The trip is a very nice reward for all your hard work & I'm so happy for you! :o)

    1. Thank you Bama, that is exactly it - even if I couldn't have gone on the trip, it was worth it to clear my debt.

  3. Congratulations on finally conquering your Creditcard debt!
    I hope that you and Henry (plus any of the other Sasha Dolls who get to go with you) have a wonderful US Sasha Festival.
    Please give my love to those attendees who know me out there.

    1. Thank you Kendal - the relief to have cleared it is indescribable! That more than everything else was enough - to go to the festival is an added bonus - might as well travel while I can, who knows what the future holds with having CM - there might come a time when I can't travel.

    2. Will of course give your love to all who know you as well :-)

  4. Congrats Henry!!! I'm sure you will have a fantastic time and meet oodles of new friends! Mum might buy you some souvenirs too so that you have some extra memories of your trip!!!
    You're very lucky to go Lorraine! It should be fantastic! If they ever had another in the UK I would be sorely tempted!!!

  5. Lorraine, this is such a lovely positive post to read, I am really pleased for you and Henry that your determination means that you are attending the festival this year, and that you have plans for the future which sound manageable and fun. You are not letting the pain rule your life and that is good news indeed

  6. Well, if anyone should go to such a festival it is you--how exciting to go to the States. Your sewing for these dolls is so beautiful.

    Not so good to hear the pain is not going away though.


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