Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Henry gets up to mischief....

Looking outside today, Henry was dismayed to see it was yet again dreary, wet and miserable!

What to do he wondered?

I know, he thought, I will set up my own Facebook account!

Hmmm...not sure he was old enough, but set up one he did.  Have laptop, will google, facebook and email...

You can find him here.

Later in the day there was a brief lull in the weather - still drizzle, but light enough to go out for a walk with Emily and Humphrey.


  1. LOL I think he could have done worse Lorraine! He's a good boy at heart and he just wants to share his adventures and make friends! I have added him as a friend too!
    I'm glad that there was a little bit of respite from the not so good weather so that the kids could get out and take in some fresh air.
    Hugs Sharon x

  2. Hi Henry - Silly Rhodri forgot to check his emails so that he could confirm his FB membership but he's just done it and sent you a friends request.

  3. Although we have confirmed friendship with 'Dear' Henry I must warn you that we unfortunately rarely ever go on Facebook as 'blogging' takes up all (and more!) of our allotted Sasha time. Thanks for thinking of us and we will try to do our best as we do have several laptops between us.

  4. I must go take a look! Love the Superman sweatsuit


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