Saturday, 25 May 2013

Oh no!

Hey Henry, look what I found...

What is it?  Henry asks?

A great big bottle of fizzy drink - enough for at least four of us! Replies Simon.

Rory, Caleb, come over here, we can have a party!   

Not much later....

ooh...errr...I feel sick....


  1. Oh my goodness me, call an ambulance, I think the boys might get alcoholic poisoning!!!
    Tomorrow there is going to be one almighty hangover had by all!
    Hugs Sharon x

    1. They certainly aren't feeling the best today - but nothing like fresh air and hard work in the garden to cure all!

  2. Oh those poor boys! Hope that this puts them off 'alcoholic drink' forever!
    Luckily, being very self willed, I have never experienced even a slight 'hangover'.... but have seen it happen to don't envy them tomorrow morning.

    1. Indeed Kendal - I think it has certainly put them off. Henry has sworn never to drink again. Personally I can't see the attraction either, but then I am a non-drinker.


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