Monday, 6 May 2013

Logs and boys

In the meantime...selling dolls aside...

Henry & Caleb have been busy in the garden.

Henry seems very determined to lift this tree trunk...

Caleb looks on dubiously...

I can do it!  Henry thinks determinedly.

Henry gives up and sits on the log instead...

How about this one Henry?  It is a much more sensible size.

Although what they plan to do with the log, only they know!


  1. Well, I certainly can't imagine why they want a tree trunk log so I'll just have to wait for the next installment!

    Certainly been a fabulous Bank Holiday Monday's weather....for once....and like Henry and Caleb I'm guessing that we've all been outside enjoying the warmth and sunshine.

    1. Oh dear I think my second instalment has been scuppered as DH has been out in the garden and the logs have disappeared! The boys will be disappointed!

  2. Since the logs are gone, maybe Henry and Caleb would be happy with some Lincoln Logs...and they would be easier to move around!

  3. I see the boys are being busy again! I love your Caleb, he's such a sweet looking boy....he and Henry seem to be on a mission with those logs though, particularly Henry. I wonder what their plans were, prior to the logs being moved!!

  4. Those boys look just so great together! They seem to be able to get right down to what boys like to do and still look as neat as pins! Great stuff, Lorraine!!! xxx


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