Saturday, 4 May 2013

The saga of a Gregor with falling hair.

Now those who know me, know that I am usually a staunch advocate for leaving the boys as boys!  I always think they look a bit 'wrong' as girls....however I have a confession....I now have my first girl who was a boy...although he was only a boy for a less than a day here.

I bought a smashing Gregor who was listed as having non-falling hair.  Someone also asked the question and it was again confirmed he had non-falling hair.  I decided to go for him as he was a good price and I thought he was gorgeous and I do have a soft spot for the boys!  Of course I forgot to factor in the damn Customs Pirates - who again did their dastardly deed and held him to ransom! 

He duly arrived WITH falling hair.  I was so disappointed, plus it felt like it needed a good clean so I thought I would try giving it a gentle wash.  BIG MISTAKE!  His hair came out in handfuls!!!

A lesson learned.

1.  Never wash Henry's hair. (Sadly his is falling as well now)

2.  Never wash the hair of a doll with falling hair.

Anyway what to do with my gorgeous 'now bald' lad?

I had a wig that I'd bought for Peggy Sue my Schoenhut Miss Dolly that I never used as she looked hideous in it, so thought I would try it on him - never suspecting that I would like it or that it would look okay.  But I think it will do for now.

Daniel, is now Danielle, or Danni.

His/her stringing is also incredibly loose, so I have done a temporary tightening job for now until I either send  Danni to Brenda to restring, or attempt to do it myself.

Such a lovely face.

Shame about the stray hair - they always manage to get in the photos!

Disaster and tears averted...not all was lost.

I think until I find another wig, this one is okay.  

What do you think?


  1. S/he looks wonderful! That bobbed style suits Sashas very well and is so hard to achieve on trimmed, rooted hair. This looks great. J xx

  2. I think her wig is perfect for her! I love the subtle color with her subtle, beautiful face paint.


  3. Lorraine, I think she looks lovely, and if you'd never said then I'd not have guessed that she was once a he. I'm so sorry on the falling hair though.....I keep forgetting that although they might come to us without falling hair, that it might still happen at some point too. I will have to watch my Alex too, I hope his stays around a while longer anyway.
    Which reminds me, when you wash your actual dolls if they arrive dirty, what do you wash them with? I was thinking of Fairy washing up liquid, do you think that is OK?
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. I just tend to use a mild soap (I am sure fairy would be fine) and surface wash, making sure I don't get any water in the joints.

  4. Such a pity about the falling hair syndrome especially on the brunette dolls as that is my favourite shade of all their hair colours.
    I've never yet washed ANY of my doll's hair, not had the courage so far.
    I do think though that falling or badly cut hair makes it a good excuse to wig them (or have them re-rooted) and this then easily allows us to change their gender.

    Danni looks lovely with her bobbed hair. I have always liked this length of hair on the Sasha dolls rather than their original half way down their back lengths.

    Smart JJ sandals that go beautifully with the sundress.


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