Saturday, 6 April 2013


A slightly better day today....

Some photos I took of my 'twins' as the day was brighter and the sun was shining.

Judie & Julia

Fraternal Twins Conner and James who think they are identical so wear the same clothes but with something 'different' to distinguish between the this case the colour of their buttons.

I hate to disillusion them!



  1. There is always something so very special about twins.
    We have two pairs in our family, though both un-identical. Firstly two girls were born and then a few years later, we had a boy/girl twin combination.
    I once had to help one of my nieces (the youngest sister to the twin girls) do a school project on inherited family genes and it was really most interesting and especially the part about having twins.

    I like the way the two pairs are dressed similarly but not quite identically. Particularly attracted to the idea of the lad's having different coloured shirt buttons (plus the fact that one of the pairs of trousers look slightly slimmer in the leg widths) whereas the girls have gone for different sweatshirt motifs and footwear.

    1. Thank you Kendal, I think so as well. No twins in our family anywhere though.

      Yes the lads do like to wear the same :-)

  2. Love the twins, both sets!!! But the boys are particularly gorgeous! The dark haired one looks just like my grandson Romy! You have been busy sewing??? May I ask what year these particular Sashas are, Lorraine? xxx Karin

    1. No I made the boys outfits last year Karin....still trying to get my sewing mojo up and running! The boys are both from '68.

      The two girls are white dress Sashas from the 80s...or at least the one on the right definitely is.

  3. Awww what lovely twins! I have twins in my family, lots of them, that's my human family! I only have one set of twins in my doll family though. I like your twins, they're very cute looking!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    1. Thank you Sharon, they are fun. We don't have any twins in our family!


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