Sunday, 21 April 2013

Two more girls dressed for Spring

Two more girls dressed for Spring/Summer....all that I can say is that good thing they don't feel the cold like I do!

My pretty Sylvia Natterer girl who happily resides with my Sasha girls and doesn't seem to mind that she is an 'only'. 



  1. Very pretty! I need to take more photso of my Natterers, they are seriously neglected!!
    I really must get my girls and boys dressed more appropriately for the weather. It was 34C in our town on Friday lunchtime, although I have to say that now we are back down at the coast again, it is a lot cooler at around the low 20s.....I hope it warms up a bit soon down here.
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    1. My natterer girl just mingles patiently with the Sashas hoping for some attention...I think she was quite surprised yesterday!

  2. You're really 'cracking on' with your Sasha Sunmmer changes. Might well have felt guilty up here if my girls had seen yours although they are aware that it is usually much warmer in the south of the UK and we have agreed to give it another month before we start getting to grips with the massive girl's and babies' seasonal change over.

    Luckily for me the lads firstly decide to just take off their hoodies and saggy beanies until July/August when it gets too hot for the 'joggers' wearing.....then out come their shorts. I seem to cope much better with their two stage change over.

    1. Well it was much more interesting having a brief break from trying to sort and reorganise my studio (which incidentally I failed miserably at)! Not that warm - It was down to 0.5 degrees Saturday night, not sure what it was last night AND we don't have any heating at the moment!


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