Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A busy sewing day

I have been busy sewing today...

Using the rest of the Victorian Christening gown, plus part of another for the sleeves I have made another Studio Style dress

Modelled by the lovely Monica, my gorgeous brunette.

Unfortunately the brightness washed out the detail in the bodice.

I finished some mix and match outfits for the boys, modelled here by Rory

There is a red set, a green set and the black set above.  Just need to take the rest of the photos.

None of my boys got a tuatara shirt last year when I made them, so I might keep this one for them.  I purposely put the button holes on the opposite side due to wanting to feature the two heads :-)

I think Rory might want to keep this....

Next up is Henry wearing a Paua Shell shirt, alongside his little brother Ollie who has on a pair of dungarees.

I put the pockets on too low!  Never mind, I am sure Ollie won't complain.

Loving the shirt with the blue joggers.

I'm really liking Henry in blue.

I also made a little pair of shorts and a top for Xanthe (who usually features on my other blog)


  1. Awwww they all look so cute Lorraine, but please don't tell me you made all this today, in one day??? It took me all day to make one dress LOL!!!
    I love the outfits, the shirts are very cool and yes, Henry does indeed look lovely in blue! And the shirt with the reptiles is just perfect for Rory and looks lovely with his red hair.
    I'm glad to see that the toddler, Ollie, and Xanthe didn't get left out!
    I'm still amazed at how fast you must sew though!!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

  2. No not all in one day, the shorts & shirt sets were already made - I just had to sew the buttons on and make the button holes. I did make the Paua shell shirt and the tuatara shirt though, plus the dress, overalls and little Xanthe's outfit - I started early! Back is completely knackered now though, but I was in the mood for sewing. :-0

    1. WOW, well you still did very well! I know what you mean about your back though because mine is the same after a day sewing! I tend to find myself sitting at really weird angles at my sewing table....I correct my posture then five minutes later, I'm back in a strange shape!!!

  3. I'm so pleased that you were also able to make yourself a delightful white dress too out of the Christening gown as I know that you said that you didn't think that there was enough material left for one for your girls.
    Won't be quite as sad parting with the first one now.
    White so suits these brunette haired Sasha Dolls. Such a pity that there are so few of them around due to their falling hair.


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