Saturday, 27 April 2013

Liquorice Allsorts...

One good thing about not having bought any Sasha dolls for some time and also now having less is that I have been enjoying the ones I have more and 'rediscovering' them and their personalities.

I am especially enjoying Cora at the moment and when I saw this pretty dress I just had to have it for her.  I know I am on a 'Challenge of the Utmost Kind' to only make their clothes for the year (with some exceptions which can be read about on the post highlighted above) but sometimes things just happen.  I decided that I deserved to buy this pretty little outfit for her, having made rather a lot of clothes that I have given away to various people and friends and well, quite frankly that evening I was tired, sore and upset, and what better pick me up?

Well I am absolutely delighted I did and feel no guilt what so ever as it is all I expected and more and really suits Cora, who I have discovered very much likes feminine outfits and is not quite the 'tomboy' I had at first taken her for.

What do you think?  Isn't she just delightful in this gorgeous dress?

We have recently heard of the loss of another dear Sasha friend, Jackie Hyatt, one I only knew through email contact, but well known in the Sasha community and it was suggested that she be remembered through the Sasha Auction at the Sasha Festival this year.  

For some time I have had this gorgeous hand sewn Victorian Child's Christening Gown sitting in my room.  I walked past it the other day and just knew what to make with it.  It was difficult plucking up the courage to make that first cut, but once I did, well there was no turning back.  The gown had now been re-purposed to be continued to be enjoyed on someone's lucky Sasha rather than being tucked away in a draw somewhere.  

Made in a Studio Sasha Style, this gown will be auctioned off along with other items at the Sasha Festival this year.  It will be difficult seeing it go as it truly is a one off garment.

I will try to take some more photos to capture the beautiful embroidery work that has disappeared in this photo.

This afternoon when Henry heard we were going for a drive in the car he wanted to come along for the ride.

He admired the wonderful Tulips...

Later on he got up to some mischief - trying to do pull ups one handed on the window openers!

He really is quite the dare devil!


  1. Oh, Cora looks lovely in her beautiful dress and the Christening Gown is so very special!
    And then there is that Henry! My Nicky better not get any ideas...

  2. I have had a Cora twice now but then sold them on as had difficulty finding clothing to really suit them but I have to admit that your Cora certainly looks very pretty in this new dress and hat set.

    Love 'Dear' Henry's one handed pull-ups. Very impressive indeed. He must be quite a 'fit' lad.... though hope that someone other than you (with your hands already being full with the camera) was close at hand in case he took a fall.

    Must say that those tulips look magnificent.

    The Sasha Festival studio styled dress looks really beautiful, well done you, and should definitely be a firm winner in the Jackie Hyatt Auction.
    Our family has a Victorian Christening gown, which was my one of my past family's fine cotton long day dress. We have all worn it (apart from one of the twin girls who had to have a newly bought one as naturally it wouldn't stretch to two!) though being from a large family it is now becoming quite fragile and sometimes requires a few neatly stitched little repairs here and there before being used yet again.

    1. I love my Cora Kendal, I haven't done a lot with her, but am slowly getting to know her better now I have less dolls and I just love the dress and hat she is wearing.

      Those Tulips are fabulous! Wish they were out our house instead of my FIL's.

      Thank you for your kind comments on the studio dress.

  3. Lorraine I think Cora looks gorgeous in that outfit and to be honest, it would have been a 'crime' to NOT buy it, don't you think!!!! There are too many times when I've regretted not buying something, that nowadays if I love it and can afford it, then why not? I'm helping the economy and getting pleasure from it too....that can't be a bad thing!!
    The Christening gown dress is beautiful, you did a wonderful job on it! Someone at the Sasha Festival is going to be a very lucky winner of that outfit!
    As for Henry, my goodness, he really is a daredevil, isn't he!! I'm glad to see he came along for the ride with you though and the flowers are very is a long time since I've seen tulips apart from in photos!!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Indeed it would have been Sharon :-)

      Thank you for the compliments on the studio/christening dress.

      The tulips were amazing.

  4. Such beautiful smocking and that dress definitely suits her. Henry is taking too many risks with his pullups, too far from the ground. he was clearly inspired by his trip to watch Olympic gymnastics last year


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