Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Further Comparisons - Measurements

Further comparions between Natterer and Early 70s Sasha doll.

HEIGHT - Natterer 45cm (Almost 17 3/4 inches)  Sasha 16 inches

Body Length from neck to Crotch - Natterer 15 cm     Sasha 15 cm
Chest - Natterer 23 cm     Sasha 22 cm
Waist - Natterer 21 cm    Sasha 21 cm
Hips - Natterer 15cm     Sasha 15 cm
Arm length top of joint to wrist - Natterer 16 cm     Sasha 14 cm
Leg length top of joint to ankle - Natterer 20cm     Sasha 17 cm


  1. If only my legs were as long :)

  2. Thank you so much for posting this, it's very helpful. I was wondering if I could use Sasha patterns for a 45cm Natterer doll.

    1. Sorry for th delay in answering I'm away at the moment. Yes you can with slight alterations. I have done so quite successfully. If you want photos please send me an email asking later on in May. 😊


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