Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Such a beautiful day to be out of doors.

Such a wonderful sunny day today, perfect for going for a walk...

Susan is taking her little baby for a walk in the fresh spring air

The birds are singing and all is good.  She is especially happy as she is wearing her first ever new dress!

Oh who is coming?

Why, hello Cora, isn't it a lovely day?

Simply beautiful, who have got in there?

Oh look, isn't your baby beautiful?

She is ever so good Cora...

Can I come for a walk with you as well?

Henry and Humphrey are off on a bike ride...

Emily is following on behind

Perfect day for a bike ride.


  1. Love the bicycles! The pictures made me feel...happy!

  2. Hi Lorraine,
    Those clever guys already know how to ride a bike without side wheels. And fast they go too! Took me a while to find out how they managed to keep upright...:-)
    Lovely photos all of them

  3. Oh what lovely lovely spring photos Lorraine! I really do like Susan's dress and her knee high socks, they are really cool. Did you make this outfit yourself?
    And what a great pram she has too.
    I also like seeing Henry and Emily on their bikes, they look very cute!
    I really do NEED a brunette girl I think!!!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. I just love this dress and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it as I had had such a cra@p day! Sarah made it.

      Oh yes you do NEED a brunette girl :-)

  4. Even 'I' was tempted to go outside yesterday and do a bit of gardening without that bitterly cold wind freezing my gloveless hands. Can we really believe that Spring has finally arrived? Do hope so.

    Love the Sasha/Gregor activity in the sunshine in your garden.
    Susan looks very retro in her very smart new vintage-sasha outfit pushing her colour co-ordinating dolls pram with her little baby doll inside. (Though would have liked to have seen a close-up of the baby sitting up in the pram.) Super posing of Cora with the pram.

    Adore the photos of the two bikes and cyclists.
    I had never thought to have two bikes together in action when I had the same red racing bike as Henry's and an American Girl pink one (and now can't, as the latter has unfortunately been sold on.) Reminds me of when my eldest brother and I used to go out cycling around the country lanes together in the 'good old days'.
    Paticularly like the way Emily's bike colour picks up the tones of the Grape Hyacints in the hedgerow.


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