Monday, 1 April 2013

1st April - Monica

Continuing with my Trendon Monthly Sasha, Monica is going to represent the month of April

Monica is the second of my brunette Trendon Sashas and is from 1971.

She also decided that despite the weather it was high time she got out of her winter clothes...

She is a lovely sweet girl with gorgeous eyes.


  1. She's stunning and I love her outfit too. Jenni xx

    1. Thank you Jenni, I think she is pretty stunning as well :-)

  2. As you know the brunette haired/brown eyed Sashas are my favourite of the Sasha Dolls.....wonder if it has anything to do with me being fair haired with blue eyes? A case of 'the grass is always greener on the other side!'
    So Monica is a firm favourite of mine.

    I noticed that in a couple of the photos she has on her Spring raincoat to cope with any forthcoming April showers. Very sensible indeed so tell her not to discard it completely yet....though hopefully this will be a dry month after all the months of rain that we've been having of late.

    Very pretty Spring dress and superb JJ sandals.

    1. Thank you for commenting Kendal, I do love to receive comments especially at the moment when things are a little gives me the incentive I need!

      I love the brunettes, I only have two of them (not counting Tilly Rose, who isn't a natural ;-) ) and I think they are both gorgeous. Monica doesn't get to 'play' much as she has slightly falling hair, so I only change her a few times, so as not to disturb it too much. Hence Molly tends to get more attention!

      Oh I hope we get some dry warm weather soon...I can never seem to get warm myself.

  3. Monica is really lovely Lorraine and makes me realise how much I hanker after a early-ish Brunette. I kept looking for ages up until about the end of January but haven't looked recently, I must start looking again on ebay....although I did say I just wanted the three of these dolls, that would make four again.....oh dear!
    I like Monica's spring outfit too...and I really liked her winter coat, don't these kids look lovely in lemon!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    1. She is lovely thank you Sharon, and I feel lucky to have her. I was lucky enough to buy that pretty yellow coat for her BEFORE I made my pledge... Yellow is (along with blue) my favourite colour, so when I saw this, just had to have it.

      Her little spring outfit I think is one of the first things I made for my girls - she often wears this dress, I think she really has claimed it for herself.


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