Monday, 1 April 2013

A little successful sewing today.

I have finally done some sewing!  Seems like ages since I last made something.

I thought I would show how the dresses I sew for Sasha fit both her and Schoenhut Miss Dolly of the same size.

Two little dresses made today, the one on the left has been made for Rosey, ready to start at The Schoenhut School of the Arts.  Molly kindly offered to model it.  Peggy Sue seems to be a bit startled to see Molly wearing the same dress as her.


  1. Most useful when you discover that a dress will fit some of your other dolls as well as the Sashas....although in this case you have made two so it didn't matter.
    Two pretty dresses with such a dainty floral pattern.
    Seeing you back to sewing again hopefully means that you must be feeling much better now?

    1. Thank you Kendal. One of the dresses is going to a friend, so only one is available for my girls ;-)

      Oh I wish in answer to your last question!

  2. Pretty spring dresses Lorraine, I like the colour of the fabric.
    What a good girl your little Molly is, modelling for you....I can imagine that some Sasha would be hard pressed to want to just model and then give the dress back again! LOL
    Big hugs
    Sharon in Spainxx
    PS is your Rosey very old?

    1. Thank you Sharon. Little Molly is indeed a good girl :-) I am sure she will get her rewards though :-)

      Rosey is the name of my friends Schoenhut Miss Dolly and is the same size as mine. They are both almost 100 years old.


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