Monday, 22 April 2013

Henry continues checking on the garden, and a comparison.

Henry continues to check out the garden spring growth, accompanied by Humphrey his faithful friend.

Oh look the rhubarb is finally starting to grow after almost two years of no growth!  That will be lovely with apples....yummmy apple and rhubarb crumble.

The primroses are looking pretty...hmmm looks like Humphrey has spotted all the weeds!

A comparison photo of my Sylvia Natterer girl side by side with Victoria, my 1970 Sasha girl.

Although there is a height difference it is nearly all in the length of the legs as their body sizes are very similar indeed.


  1. Such lovely splashes of color in your garden. I'm back too just the green of the grass, as the daffodiles are gone.
    Very interesting to see the Sasha next to the Natterer. It makes me wonder goes into the decision of what proportions a doll will have.

  2. Your garden really has burst into Spring Lorraine! The photos are lovely and colourful.
    Thank you for the comparison photos of your little Natterer and even littler Sasha....that's very useful because I have some patterns here that someone gave me some time ago and they are for the Natterers, so I now know that apart from length, I'll not have to do too much adapting of the patterns!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    1. Glad that the comparison is useful Sharon :-)

  3. Pleased to see that Henry has called his dog Humphrey. Suits him perfectly.

    I love Rubbarb and custard although I do also like it made as a pie or crumble. Great idea to grow it separately in the tyre pot as they do take up quite a large space with their huge leaves when planted in the garden or vegetable beds.

    I think that much I prefer Sasha's body proportions to the Natterer's.


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