Thursday, 11 April 2013

A boy and his dog

Henry has been wanting a dog of his own for ages...

Imagine his surprise when he came upon this fellow....

Henry is deciding what to call his hound....

so far he has come up with ...



  1. Replies
    1. Indeed! One of my charity shop bargains, I mean rescues ;-)

  2. So, you're letting him keep him? I vote for Humphrey for a name.

    1. Well how could I say no to those pleading eyes?

  3. my elder daughter says 'HORACE'. however I think the dog looks like a HUMPHREY.

  4. Oh Horace is a good name as well. I will put that to Henry in the morning as well ;-)

  5. Well, who's a lucky boy then? So pleased for 'Dear' Henry. I'm voting for the name Humphrey too with that sad, but unique look to his face.
    Hope that you are sorting out a collar and lead (not to mention a bed, food and doggy toys) for 'Humph' today so that Henry can get started on his dog training course.

    Talking of dogs I unfortunately had to say an extra fond goodbye to my daughter's two Weimaraner dogs on Wednesday, just in case they don't make it up here to visit me again due to old age as Ellie is now 107 years old and Amber is 90+. Sent them back with a bag full of their favourite doggy treats. Sad timmes.

    1. Indeed Kendal! He already has a collar on - just not seen in the photo. He of course needs a lead and other accessories ;-)

      Both our dogs are 15 years old,and the collie has very bad legs at the moment where he is chewing them, so they need to be bathed 2 times a day. So sad to see them get old and frail.

  6. Every boy must have a dog! And he looks just the dog for Henry! I wonder which name he is going to choose? I love the name Harry myself, although he does look a bit like a Humphrey, with his hang-dog expression. Lucky Henry! xxx Karin

  7. Well seeing as it's almost my surname, I vouch for Humphrey!!!
    And I'm so glad that Henry finally has his wish to have a dog of his own, all boys need a dog of their own!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x


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