Saturday, 20 April 2013

Henry the naturalist

Henry is quite the naturalist and enjoys checking out what is growing in the garden, especially at this time of the year when plants are finally starting to blossom and flower.

Just loving the colour of these....

Ten days on from his last check of the apple tree...

Henry is delighted to find the buds starting to spring forth.

What a perfect day.


  1. Hi Henry
    Spring is coming. I love being in the garden and searching for insects at this tie of year. There were bumble bees buzzing here yesterday - hope we don't have any more night frosts to kill them off. Happy Sunday!
    Robin ( another brunette Gregor)

  2. Wonderful to see nature re-acting to a little warm sunshine after our long hard Winter.

    Your Grape Hyacinths are looking beautiful and the Apple Tree's leaf buds are filling out and fattening up nicely. Hopefully it shouldn't be too long now before they shed their leaf shields and open out into fresh green, tender leaves.

    Good to see that Henry is well into nature and our the environment and keeping a watchful eye on your trees and plants.

  3. Yeaaah sun at last for you all in the UK....I did my best to send some sunshine sooner but it kept creeping out of the padded envelope each time I dried to get it in there! LOL
    Henry certainly seems to be enjoying the spring, long may it continue!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

  4. Henry is so lucky you understand his need to climb trees!


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