Friday, 28 September 2012

You've lost WHAT?

What do you mean you can't find it?  April asks Saffron in shocked voice

I just can't.  I have looked EVERYwhere...  Saffron replies

Well, you better try again  April tells Saffron.  Mum will be furious otherwise!  If you kept your room tidier you would probably be able to find it.

I try to.  Saffron says, looking very sad and sorry for herself. It is just SO difficult!

In the meantime how have the other girls got on with finding some warmer clothes to wear?

Kendal and Amber have chosen a couple of nice warm dresses...

Julia and Judy are favouring their dolly doodles outfits.  Although I think Julia must have put on weight as they wouldn't do up and the popper came off!  Whoops!

The rest of the girls are busy trying to decide what to wear as well, but there seems to be general confusion and chaos reigning as Saffron has rummaged through all their clothes and shoes trying to find her 'blue suede boot'!


  1. I enjoyed this post, especially. :)

  2. As their mum, do you have trouble telling the twins apart? Which is which? Looks like you and your girls have been haveing fun. T hanks for all the great posts.

  3. Oh my! I LOVE the first two outfits especially! What wonderful outfits for your beautiful girls!

  4. Loosing a boot is bad news especially at the beginning of Autumn when they're needed for quite a few months until Spring arrives. Do so hope that all the girls set to and help find it quickly.

    Looks as though a lot of superb seasonal clothing changes has been going on down there over the last day or two.

    My lads are all finally back into their hoodies and joggers. Couldn't find two of the outfits so have had to completely empty the Dollydoodle box until I did. Hidden right at the very bottom of course amongst the girl's and babies' stuff. Still searching for two pairs of converses though and then that task will be finished and that box ticked.
    Now have the job of putting it all back again later on as it's sprawled all over my bed.

    Have yet to start on the girls. A daunting task at the best of times as there are now so many of them living here and all with their likes and dislikes of styles and colours etc.

    Luckily when it comes to the babies they aren't so fussy and will literally wear whatever they are given so that no playtime is lost in the process.

    I'm really loving seeing Little Kendal. So pleased that she went to live with you so that I can still watch her grow and enjoy life.

    Great that things are still getting sorted and listed for sale. Hopefully you'll soon be organised and straight again.

    Sasha love from Kendal.

  5. Oh boy! I know just how they feel, having to find their winter stuff again after it has been put away for the summer! The lament of the 'blue suede boot' is very cute! I hope Mum has not been too hard on them! You are doing brilliantly, Lorraine! So nice of you to still supply us with your great pictures with everything else that's going on in your life right now. xxx Karin


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