Friday, 21 September 2012

Off to Southampton tomorrow

Henry is off to Southampton tomorrow as we are going to visit my older son who is at Warsash Maritime Academy training to be a Navigation Officer.  We haven't seen him or his accommodation since he moved down there at the beginning of September as our holiday clashed with his starting date...a case of poor timing.  We offered to cancel our holiday but he said to still go which was thoughtful of him.  Unlike a lot of Universities and Colleges our son has to wear a uniform, so he has requested an iron, ironing board and clothes airer!  Fortunately we had spares of these so we will take them down there tomorrow.  Hopefully the weather will be good as we have had quite a down pour this afternoon.

Henry can't wait as he is looking forward to seeing some of the ships.  I can imagine he will want a naval uniform next!

Progress is being made and a doll that was sold was posted on her way today.  Several others have bids on them, and although I shouldn't think they will sell for much (they are not Sasha dolls) at least it will be a little bit, and every little bit counts!  Not much else has been done today I have to confess as I have had a bit of an off day.  I had a bad headache - think I will have to start calling them Chiari head - yesterday, and although by mid day it had pretty much cleared and I got several cleaning and tidying jobs done, I think it has had an after effect as I've just not been quite right today.

No photos I'm afraid as my husband had to borrow my computer today to take into London, so I am using another to post this.  Hopefully will have lots of photos of Henry in Southampton tomorrow!

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  1. Hope that you all have a good family day tomorrow with plenty of photos taken of Henry enjoying himself at the Warsash Maritime Academy.

    Wishing your eldest son every success and happiness in his Navel Officer training.

    Sasha love from Kendal.


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