Saturday, 29 September 2012

Some more winter wear.

The rest of the girls in their warmer wear (all but two who are waiting for some outfits to be made for them!)

Whoops, these two dresses could have done with an iron!

Sweet Molly

Emily & Tilly Rose, Henry's two side kicks...

Gorgeous Meredith

A different look for Cora who normally wears dresses...


  1. Gosh! You've been very busy down there! All but two girls warmly dressed for this early chilly weather we are having!
    Must set too and follow your's and Dee's lead. I usually try to sort a few dolls and outfits to hopefully suit them during the daytime then actually dress them whilst watching the TV in the evenings to try to save a bit of time as this Sasha hobby, as most of you will agree, is very time consuming.

    Meredith is a really lovely looking NP. Your Gotz blonde girl in the pink knitted dress and 'starred' tights and Kilt girl in the blue dress and pink fringed boots are both really pretty dolls. (This Gotz girl's hair is so nicely styled and lies beautifully.)

    One of my favourites of your Frido girls is the blonde on the right in the darker blue dress that you pointed out perhaps needs to be ironed. I love her fuller cheeks.

    Your last Gotz girl on the post, directly above, is wearing one of my girl's past Ruthsdoll's studio outfits.

    Has the missing boot been found yet? Do hope so.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  2. What a great bunch of beautiful girls in their winter outfits. I love the two in the dresses that need ironing (what???). Some of my favourite Trendons. And Cora looks great! Also, the knitted dresses are really sweet. That Salmon coloured one is to die for! Great blog - you must have been busy! xxx Karin


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