Saturday, 8 September 2012

Henry's Holiday in Cornwall - Part One

Henry wanted to blog about The Lost Gardens of Heligan first so who am I to disagree?

Henry looks quite startled, seeing this huge fellow gazing at him!

Not long later he comes across what he thinks is someone lying on the grass.

Are you okay?  He asks with a worried expression.

He touches her gently not sure quite what to do next...

Fortunately Henry realises the Mud Maid is not real, asleep or worse, dead, once he reads the notice.  Of course, he didn't quite keep a 'respectful distance', but then who can blame him as he was rather concerned about the lady lying in the garden.

Upon entering the garden, Henry was given a little compass which he inspects on various places during our walk.

He admires the flowers

Enjoys climbing the trees!

Look at me!  He calls.

Being rather a nature lover, Henry enjoys reading all the notices about various aspects of the gardens.

'On the boardwalk'  

Oops!  Be careful on there Henry, don't fall in!

Stepping stones

Just beautiful indeed, lovely grounds, ponds and plants.

Phew!  After all that walking it must be time for a drink!

Is that tasty Henry?

Hmm, what is this?  Henry exclaims as he goes for a closer look!

Oh my goodness he calls out, this wood has been burnt!

Of course he finds out that it is meant to be like that when he reads the description of the Charcoal Sculpture.

What have you there Henry?

It is a beetle, it is really interesting...

Look how can there be a garden called New Zealand?  He exclaims.  

Henry rushes off to explore the New Zealand garden, recognising many of the plants he saw while staying in New Zealand earlier this year.  

Look a Maori Meeting House!

It is not long before we will have to leave having had a lovely wonderful full day of walking around these amazing gardens.

Henry has really enjoyed himself.

More photos of the gardens can be found here.


  1. This is just what I was hoping to see from your holiday in Cornwall. Really interesting and absolutely delightful.
    Particularly loved the sleeping lady and monster peeping up from the ground.
    Great to to see the New Zealand garden to bring back the memories from last year.
    Had my heart beat quicken when he was sitting on the railings around the pond.
    Amused to see Henry having to be lifted up to reach the top of the straw to enjoy a sip of the cooling Cornish drink.
    As an ex teacher I was pleased to see Henry using a compass to enhance his oriental skills. Clever lad.
    Afraid that I can't say the same about when he met the black beetle.
    Would have preferred him to have kept his distance here.
    Sasha love and thanks for a super Sasha morning fix. I have missed you both. From Kendal.

  2. Love the monster's head and sleeping lady, looks like a nice and cool place to have been in this recent hot weather. Cornwall does have such mystic places to visit.


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