Sunday, 9 September 2012

Henry's Holiday in Cornwall - Part Two

On 5th September we spent a very enjoyable day in St Ives.

Henry discovered an excellent way of travelling round, especially when his little legs got tired of walking so much!  Some quick improvisation proved very practical indeed.  Now we are home some further improvements will be made.

Still when you are on a beach, you are raring to get out and play!

Henry just loves exploring the rocks.

Taking in the views

Contemplating on the beauty

As ever investigating rock pools and seaweed

As well as enjoying a cream tea of course after all the exploring has tired him and worked up an appetite!

More photos over here


  1. This Has really made me smile and love the 'taking in the views' pic xx

  2. Absolutely brilliant! I'm glad Henry had a good holibobs! :)

  3. Hey Lorraine! Who is the TEENAGER with Henry in her backpack ?! :)

  4. Now if only I could travel around that way like Henry is I'd be able to start to get 'out and about' again.
    What a truly smart idea.

    Seeing these superb photos of St Ives brought back some wonderful memories. Those rocky beaches covered with seaweed look so real that I could almost feel myself there enjoying it along with you and Henry.

    Pleased to see that you both had your sun hats on!

    Great not to see the MASSES of folk around you that so often spoil the delightful Cornish scenery when you're trying your best to photograph Henry exploring new territory.
    Sasha love and many thanks for this afternoon Sasha fix, from Kendal.


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