Saturday, 29 September 2012

For Sale: Two more Sashas and one Gregor looking for a new home.

Now I SO don't want to do this...

Up for sale are two more of my beautiful Sashas and one Gregor lad.

First of all is Gotz Ira from 2001.  She is number 384.  She has amazing long hair and is in excellent condition as she has mainly been on display.

She holds a pose well and has her original stringing.

She comes in her original outfit consisting of pantaloons, singlet/vest and dress.  Her shoes are replacements by Ruths Dolls.

I will include a close up of her face, I didn't realise I had missed it.



My lovely Gotz Angela is also very reluctantly for sale.  I biased of course, but I think she is one of the nicest I've seen.  Her hair is gorgeous as is her sweet face.

She comes wearing her original dress which is in excellent condition, but sadly she had lost her original shoes along the way.  I only have white ones spare which don't really suit the dress so she is currently barefooted, although I can include a pair of socks to keep her feet warm!  She holds a pose well and has her original stringing and is in lovely played with condition.

£250.00 + p&p


Last of all we have this cheeky scallyway No Nose boy.

He is so special I am going to cry bucket loads when he goes and just thinking about it upsets me.

He wants to be able to take a bit of NZ with him to remind him of Henry, so he is wearing a new pair of short dungarees with a bright orange t shirt.

His stringing is quite loose and he will probably need restringing at some time in the future, but he still holds a pose well as can be seen.

Puffing out his chest trying to be brave.

£650.00 + p&p

Please feel free to contact me to ask any questions.

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  1. Good luck with these three sales. Hope that they soon find some good Sasha homes to go to.
    Sasha love from Kendal.


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