Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Henry's Holiday in Cornwall - Part Four

The beginning of our holiday didn't start all blue sky and sunshine...instead it was rather grey and murky and we were rather concerned that was going to be the theme of the holiday, especially given that the last couple of holidays we have had in the UK have been exactly that.  However, despite the gloomy start we were determined to make the most of it and on the 2nd September we went into Padstow.

Henry enjoyed the band playing.

Look over there, you can hardly see the other side. 

Henry is pleased he had his raincoat with him.

However, he has spotted the beach and is determined to go and play on the sand.

Fortunately for Henry by the time we got to the beach the weather had cleared up enough for him to take his coat off and go in search of the customary of the first things he looks for on a beach.  Sure enough he finds some.

I wish it was warmer so I could go for a  swim...  Never mind I'll go and climb some rocks instead!

Goodness me Henry, you are a long way up, do be careful up there!

Ooh, ahh, it is a long way down. to get down now that I am up here!

Phew!  This is better back on land...Look what I've found.  A feather!

Henry continues playing for a while before we walk back along the beach heading for home.


  1. Certainly looks a grey start to the holiday but pleased to see that it's not going to spoil Henry's on with the 'waterproofs' and away we go!
    Padstow is a a pretty little harbour with that shielding stone wall (that you can see in the first photo) providing an inner protective quay for the smaller, l fishing and pleasure boats.

    It is an area well know for it's Rick Stein's fish and chips cafes and restaurants and I can well remember on our last visit sitting, where the band is playing, shelling and eating some fresh prawns
    brought from the kiosk on the quay and later in the evening sampling the now famous fish and chips.
    Sasha love and thanks for another interesting Cornish holiday post, from Kendal.

    So pleased to see that the day brightened up to allow Henry to take off his raincoat and climb the rocks and search for seaweeds, his favourite pastimes.

  2. Wow did the weather change. Very interesting to see a very cloudy compared to the sunny pictures you have posted. Your angle of perspective is, as usual, fantastic.

  3. Great pictures again, Lorraine! Henry looks very snug in his outfit. Love that sweater! He is such a good-looking lad! xxx Karin


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