Monday 10 September 2012

Henry's Holiday in Cornwall - Part Three

I would have thought most boys (and girls) like castles and especially the tales of King Arthur...of course Henry was no exception and couldn't wait to go to Tintagel Castle to explore.  We had a great day for it fortunately, lovely blue sky, just perfect.  The climb up to the castle though looked rather daunting!

Fortunately for Henry he had a pack horse to give him a ride up the goodness knows how many step steps!

It felt like I had lead in my boots, the climb was so steep.  Look at that cheeky fellow poking his nose out!  Henry had the easy option.

Once up there he couldn't wait to get out of the back pack and have a run around, climbing rocks and of course...

posing for photographs!

Peeking through gaps in the walls

Taking in the sea views of course.

Exploring, imagining,



The island courtyard entrance

Coming through the gate entrance...

More climbing

Exploring the Island.

Look we must be careful!

The cliffs are steep indeed!

Having a rest from all the walking.

Scaring Henry by standing on the edge of the cliff.

Come away he shouts!

The long walk down...

Not necessarily easier, as in some places the steps are very deep...

More rock climbing...this time down at the beach.

Henry is delighted to have found Merlin's Cave and can't wait to explore it.

Come on, lets go in!

Looking all the way through

Looking back out the entrance.

Wow, lots of different types of seaweed...

Just look at this one it is like a flower or sponge...

Fabulous fast flowing waterfall.  Henry stares at it in awe.

More seaweed, this time the sort that you can 'pop' and water squirts out...

Red seaweed...

After fully exploring the castle and beach we headed back up to the village of Tintagel and had an enjoyable walk round (as ever more photos over here.)

Tintagel Old Post Office.

Just look at that amazing roof line.

A lovely interesting building to look through.

Beautiful, restful gardens out the back.

A lovely end to a fabulous day which we all enjoyed.


  1. Great views and fabulous scenery.
    How brave were you standing so close to the cliff edge??!!

  2. Tintagel! Ah yes, I remember it well!
    A delightful little Cornish village.

    Gosh! How you managed to climb up ALL those steps to the castle I'll never know... AND carrying Henry as well! Mind you well worth the views but I was pleased when you finally moved away from the cliff edge.

    Loved seeing all the varieties of seaweeds. Henry is getting to be a very knowledgeable lad when it comes to our seashores.

    Adore his newly found mode of transport and being high up with his little head peeping out from your rucksack he has a wonderful panoramic view and mustn't miss seeing a thing.

    All those natural, grey, ragged rocks make such an attractive background for dear Henry, your main subject matter.

    Sasha love and thanks for another super scenic post, from Kendal.

  3. About 4 and 3 years ago we had 2 caravan holidays a year apart at Tintagel - so recognise the castle and the beach and the old post office. I bought some custom made curtain rails for the bay windows of my dollshouse work in progress from a chap who lives in Tintagel and I seem to remember a gift shop there which had some miniatures for sale. I'm glad Henry and you enjoyed yourselves there, lucky with the weather, we did Tintagel castle on a sunny WINDY day!

  4. A marathon, Lorraine! Gorgeous photographs and amazing views - given focus by having Henry in the picture. He is the perfect photographic model! Great stuff. xxx Karin

  5. Yes Tintagel a wonderous place but so many steps! The last time we were there was the year before Boscastle was hit by that terriable flood!

    We bought a lovely old statue of St George on his horse from a second/antique shop on Tintagel high street and a pine bedside cupboard, so a place of treasure too!


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