Sunday, 16 September 2012

Henry goes for a ride on Stratford

Henry has been having riding lessons and learning all about the care of horses.  He was very fortunately to be bought a horse at the Sasha Festival in July and has been fitting in lessons ever since.  His horse is a fine black gelding whose name is Stratford and he has been a fantastic and patient horse for Henry to learn on.

I'll have to remind Henry he isn't holding the reins quite right...

Need to bring those feet in a bit...Oh you were giving Stratford a kick were you?  Looks like you were trying to get him to go faster...

Don't lean too far back Henry, you aren't in an armchair!

That's it praise Stratford for his good work.

Are you going to take him back to his paddock now to give him a groom?

Careful now, it looks like Stratford is very keen to get going!


  1. Great to see Henry is finally learning to ride his pony, Stratford.
    (Trying to remember if it was me who helped name him?) A grand steed indeed.
    Pleased to see that he is wearing his hard hat.
    Looking forward to seeing his progression with his riding skills and general pony care.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  2. Henry, you are an amazing young man. You have been learning your lessons well, although I do agree with your Mother, don't lean too far back honey, it is hard on the horses back, it makes you feel, to him, like a sack of potatoes. You will get it down, with your determination. Soon we will see you and Stratford in Eventing.

    Love Aunt Martha
    Boise, Idaho USA

  3. What another great set of pictures! Henry looks perfect on his horse. They are made for one another. He looks like a natural! Keep delighting us Henry! xxx Karin


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