Monday, 17 September 2012

Thinking out loud

Shall I get this lad customized?  Not sure I really believe in having such a thing done unless the doll is a waif of some kind and needs it.  So I guess the other question I ask myself is should I sell Patrick on.  Desperately need to sort out my finances, and am thinking that perhaps that would be the best thing.

He is a green cord Gregor and came with his complete outfit in excellent condition.

What would YOU do?  Keep as is...customise...selll?


  1. In this picture his features look so delicate and sweet. So, I'm wondering why you want to customize him (thinking out loud here as well). Also, I'm in the "only customize if a waif" school of thought. The exception being when the eyes have the deer caught in headlights look. This fellow doesn't seem to have that look. Glad it's not my decision :)

  2. Having read your latest post if it were me I'd sell him on rather than customise and so make the first move at sorting out your problems.
    I need to follow suit as my Sasha numbers, clothing and accessories have increased yet again. I know just how hard it is to part dolls as I too fall in love with each and everyone of them and having finally made that decision to see them daily on Shelly's afterwards causes even more upset and worry when they are sold that they are going to go to good Sasha homes.
    Unfortunately most of the dolls that I have sold on over the past 17 years have lost money (due to the fact that these dolls are more readily available to access and buy due to the internet) but I look on it as a case of having paid for the pleasure of owning them and the enjoyment that they have given me.
    Many of us are guilty of Sasha overspending so my advice is firstly to gather them all together and line them up. Take out and put back on the shelves any that you know that you couldn't bare to part with for the moment (eg. Henry and the rarer, harder to find dolls.) Keep on going to look at those left until you can select a couple that you know won't be quite as heart-rendering to part with. Hide these away for a day or two and see if you can live without them. If not replace them and start again with another two.
    Remember that their clothing, shoes and accessories when sold on also soon mount up and every little helps towards your goal.
    Sasha love and good luck, from Kendal.

  3. if i were you i would leave him as he is,he is a real cutie and i see no faults.i also think we should leave them as they are unless in bad need of help,i love your blog and fully understand the sasha hold and how it can grab you,i am always thinking that one of my sashas needs this or i see a outfit and think yes that would look good on one of my girls or greg,i only have 3 sashas elle my blonde big girl blue eyes, mia baby blonde brown eyes and greg blonde blue eyed but i still like to buy the lovely outfits and i am thinking a dark head big girl should join the sasha family but keep telling myself the 3 is enough just add to there outfits,i guess i am making up for a lost childhood ;) x

  4. Hi Lorraine, if you are having doubts about him, I would sell him. But he looks very sweet to me without any faults as far as I can see. I actually tend to prefer Sashas when they are not quite as pristine and perfect. Little imperfections give them character and make them the 'individuals' that we believe they are. If you love him, keep him, otherwise let him find a good new home! You have spoken for a lot of us in yesterday's blog and I should like to thank you for putting into words what a lot of us are feeling. It will give us the courage to take stock of our own situation and make the sensible decisions we all need to make. This is an addiction and is therefore difficult to get on top of. Our desires for ever more beautiful and rare dolls are fed by the wonderful blogs people put out there for our delight. Maybe we should not wish to compete, but to simply enjoy what other people are willing to share with us. I hope you will be able to do what you have set out to do and through your brave actions we can take courage and follow. xxx Karin


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