Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Victoria is warmer now.

I remembered I had this little dress in my sewing basket waiting for a popper to be sewn on, so I promptly sewed it on so Victoria had a warmer dress to wear.  She seems quite happy with it.  I was going to put her Dolly Blue Pink Shoes on, but yes, you guessed it another odd shoe!  I think it must be with the Blue Suede Boot!

This lovely blonde with two toned hair is my 1969/70 mint in tube, never been played with (until she arrived here!) still smells like new Sasha.

I like the fact that her left eyebrow is raised slightly.

Now I only have Monica waiting for an autumn outfit.


  1. Lovely dress and even lovelier Victoria. How exciting to have a minty mint Sasha. I wish that new doll smell could be bottled.

  2. What a very pretty dress. It really does suit her too. Those soft pinks are gorgeous on the blondes. Glad you found the time to put the popper on, but you really must get your girls to keep the shoe cupboard tidier. They seem to be as bad as my daughter!!! xxx Karin

  3. Yes that smell is something special, not sure how long she will stay like this, as I have had her deboxed ever since she arrived, but she still smells gorgeous.

    Reminds me of when I was little, I had to smell everything new!

  4. A simply beautiful minty Sasha. I can almost smell the new vinyl from here.
    Lucky you.
    The pale peachy dress really suits her and those shoes finish off the outfit perfectly.
    Victoria certainly Rules!
    Only one girl left to dress. Sounds great!
    Sasha love from Kendal.


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