Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Can it be?

Hmm....what do we have here?  Henry wonders to himself.

Suddenly he gets all excited.

Bobby!  Come here!  Henry calls.

Bobby wanders over.  Is that what I think it is?  He asks.

Oh I do hope so, says Henry.

Rory, come quick!  Henry calls out again.

Rory comes over, Henry calls for anyone else that might be hanging around.  The excitement at finding a huge tub of Celebrations.

Perhaps Mum is going to let us celebrate Halloween after all?  Rory suggests.

She must be!  Most unlike her though as she always says 'We Don't Do Halloween' and she has already stuck the Police notice up on the door.  Henry informs them.

Bobby kneels down, Here help me open it, I'll lift the lid up to you Henry.

WHAT?!  They all look rather stunned.

GUINEA PIG FOOD!  WHAT is that doing in here?

Must be a trick.

Nah, I think it is what those people dropped off the other day, and Mum must have forgotten to take it out to the Cavy Lodge.


Oh dear oh dear, three very disappointed boys.  Especially Rory...

Never mind Rory, Bobby gives him a pat on the back.  Come on lets go and play before dinner time.


  1. Oh what a disappointment for the boys!
    Tell Henry, Rory and Bobby to come over here as I have just bought the same tin of Celebrations for my 'Trick and Treat-ers' that come knocking on my door.
    It has just started to rain here so I'm hoping that it deters a few (although it is unfortunately half term here) so that there are more sweets left over for me...and your lads if they come over.
    Which are their favourites? Luckily I like them ALL and will spend the next few days finishing them off as I walk by the tin on the hall chair.
    One year it coincided with our very popular Round Table Bonfire Night and I had no-one call so I ate them all myself!
    Sasha love to you and the three disappointed boys! From Kendal.

  2. It's pouring with rain here - I was hoping that my grandsons would come round (because I heard they would be trick-or-treating) but they'll be on their way to bed by now. - Jocelyn

  3. Ah - update: they came, and were very ghoulish! - Jocelyn

  4. What a great story! The disappointment is palpable! Now why do people always use sweet tins for keeping animal or bird food in! The boys took it rather well though. Nice lads. xxx Karin


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