Monday, 29 October 2012

Pretty cardigan/jacket for Lucy

Lucy is such a quiet unassuming girl, very happy to just wear the same dress all the time.  I thought that she might like a new outfit.  I have some fabulous fabric that will match this cardigan/jacket that I just finished today for her.

She is much happier to be warmer.

A nice fit for her indeed.

Equally nice unbuttoned, although the buttons could be smaller.  I will have to keep an eye out for some smaller buttons.

I am looking forward to making her a matching dress to go with this cardigan/jacket.  I think the colours will be a good match.

She is  now off to go and play with Meredith and Amber with the dolls pram that they enjoy so much.


  1. Lucy looks great in her new cardigan! I think the colors look nice with the dress she is wearing as well.

    Oh, I envy your knitting skills! :o)

  2. Gorgeous colour of sweater. It looks very nice with the outfit she has on. Did you design the sweater? The fit looks very good, and I like that it is a cardigan with a hood.


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