Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Letting her hair down & a new dress

Apparently Lucy emailed Aunty Kendal (who used to be her previous mother) last night to get her to ask me if Lucy could wear her hair down.  Talk about feeling slightly second best ;-)  Anyway how could I refuse such a request really?  So here she is with her hair down wearing her new winter dress made this morning.

Trying to get the right light today has been very difficult.

Such a pretty fabric.

I love this style of dress on Sasha dolls and as such it is one I make often.


Later today will be the details of the Christmas Swap.  I've been sewing all morning so need to make it look like I am busy doing housework now!


  1. It is lovely and she looks even prettier with her hair down! I love redheads! The colors are perfect for her. Next, we want to see her wearing her new cardigan with it! :o)

  2. Much preferring her hair down for a change, gives her a softer look (don't you agree?) especially now she is wearing the beautiful new dress that you have made her. It really suits her colouring especially as it's now Autumn and everywhere is covered in orange, yellows and browns. She tones in wonderfully with the season.
    I'm surprised that she hasn't asked to be photographed from all angles, back, sides etc.... but perhaps that's being saved for another day since you were already busy organising the 2012 Secret Santa Swap?
    Sasha love to you and Lucy, from Kendal.


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