Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A change of clothes for Alice

Allie (Alice) decided she really didn't like wearing a dress and has claimed a pair of jeans to go with her sweater and fabulous JJ boots.

I knitted the sweater in NZ in February/March and only now has someone worn it.

She is a fun loving girl ready for adventures.


  1. Love the sweater, Lorraine! So cosy! Any chance of any repeats??? She is a gorgeous girl. Hope you are feeling better again. xxx Karin

  2. She looks great in this lovely sweater and the boots are too cute!

  3. A delightful 1969/70 FCP Kilt? girl dressed perfectly for any outdoor adventures that might come her I'm sure that they will.
    Gorgeous eyes and p13erfect lip paint.
    The colour of her jumper really suits her.
    Sasha love from Kendal.


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