Monday, 29 October 2012

Progress report...

So how am I doing at reducing my debt and selling my dolls you may be wondering?

I have managed to sell 7 of my beloved Sasha/Gregor dolls, but am happy to report they have gone to some really lovely homes.  It has been really hard and a couple of dolls in particular I really miss.  I have sold almost all of my Tressy collection as well as various other dolls, amounting to about 45 dolls in total, (oh I wish they brought in the sort of prices Sasha dolls do!)  including the Sasha dolls.  Sadly some I made the mistake of starting the listing at 99p thinking that I would get more than one bid, only to have to sell a gorgeous Crissy family member in her original clothes at that price - heartbreaking!  On a whole most buyers have been really lovely, but I did strike one pretty horrible buyer unfortunately.  Then of course there are the dreaded evilbay and paypal fees, that seems to reduce the amount brought in significantly as well!

I have managed to reduce a significant part of my debt, (will feel so much better when the dreaded credit card has been cleared) but do have a bit further to go so will have to do some more hard thinking and reducing.  I am finding it easier to resist, although it is still difficult at times!  Especially hard was going to the Sasha fun day and looking at all the wonderful items available and having to say no.  I am learning what I really like and making do with things I already have.

I have started doing a 'Doll Inventory' going through all the dolls I have collected and gathered over the years and accessing the what, whys and wherefores...  quite an interesting process.

I am making reasonable progress at the sorting and tidying, but it has to be done in stages, depending on how I feel physically.  I have volunteered to do the Christmas dinner this year, so I have a deadline to get things really sorted and cleared for now.  Usually my MIL has Christmas round her place, but she found it really difficult coping with it all last year, so I said come round here instead.

Well just a little update to let those who were thoughtful enough to email me and give me their support, wishes and ideas.


  1. Congratulations on doing so well so far.
    Now keep this up and don't fall by the wayside and life will soon be so much better and look much brighter.
    It's good too that you now have a deadline, Christmas Day, as this will hopefully spur you on, especially on the days that you don't feel like doing that much.
    Try to adopt doing 'a little each day' to protect your health and reward yourself occasionally when you have done particularly well.
    You're in my thoughts daily and I look forward to hearing of this journey's full completion in December.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  2. I second everything that Kendal said! I'm now facing the danger, having seriously downsized last year, of letting Sashas creep back - it's so very tempting. I told myself I would ease my craving by getting more clothes and shoes for the Sashas I have, but it isn't working. There's one I'm hankering for right now...
    In sympathy and with encouragement - Jocelyn


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