Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sasha Fun Day.

Yes Aunty Kendal, you were right, Henry and Rory were off to the fun day, and fun they had indeed!

Henry says hello to some of the girls, he has met before, while Rory entertains some of the babies with his frog puppet.  He then wanders over to join Henry to say hello to the girls as well. 

I think the toddlers got tired and wanted to have a lie down.

All dressed in a wide variety of clothes and uniforms

I especially admired the Union Jack outfit Steve's boy was wearing, just fabulous.  It was also nice to see Clementine again.

A lot of fun was had at the felt hat making workshop led by Laura.

Such wonderful vibrant colours, I would have loved to have joined in, but I knew my arm wouldn't cope with some of the strenuous activity that was called for in the process!

As illustrated by Laura and Judith, with huge smiles on their faces.  Everyone certainly had a lot of fun and I am hoping to have a go when I am not in quite so much pain.

Lots of lovely goodies on sale.  Although I had my hands firmly in my pockets, no spending for me!

There were lots of wonderful gifts donated for both the tombola and raffle.

Raffle prizes.

All the tables had a wonderful selection of items available for a little retail therapy for those who were able.

Even Bobby's twin was there, although I didn't tell him as he would have been so disappointed he had been left behind.  This lovely lad belongs to Jane who made all the wonderful knitwear shown.

Hattie was selling her hats joined by one of Gill's lads selling Gill's wonderful knitwear.

Lots of wonderful Sasha and Gregor related items for sale.

including some things that I didn't expect to see for sale


All in all I think I can say we all had a wonderful time, it was lovely to catch up with friends, enjoy good company, some wonderful food and have a good laugh, even if I did have to pay for it the following day, it was worth it!

Thank you Judith for putting on a wonderful day.


  1. Great photos! I'm glad you liked Steve's union jack outfit on his handsome Gregor. It was actually made to my specification by Nellie Rose using a Migros jacket pattern and material I supplied her and then never used:)

  2. I wish i could have attended but unfortunately a musical event I was involved in had to take priority. It must have been hard to see all those lovely things for sale and not allow yourself to buy anything.

  3. Wow! What lovely photos! I don't have a Sasha doll but have always admired them. So much eye candy! How could anyone NOT have fun? :o)

  4. I'm so glad you were able to go. I had wondered what Henry and Rory were up to. They looked fab in their jumpers.

  5. I agree Lorraine 'A great Sasha day was had by all!' Plenty to see, to meet, talk to and buy, never mind the excitement of Laura's felt hat making workshop (thanks for that Laura) and the Charity raising raffle and Tombola.

    Many thanks again to Judith for organising and treating us to such an enjoyable time... which as always, when linked to Sasha, went far too quickly. Pity that it isn't on a 'replay' facility!

    Sasha love from Kendal.
    PS. Super photos Lorraine as usual!

  6. Hi Lorraine, first of all great photos, as usual. So sorry I missed it all - totally gutted! Pity you couldn't see how your hockey skirt and P.E. shorts looked on one of my girls - they are brilliant. Very sporty and sassy! I will forward a picture by email! You obviously all had a great day, as the pictures show. Looking forward to the next event! Great stuff. xxx Karin


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