Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Babies at play

The babies had  a lovely time playing yesterday.

The rocking horse provided a lot of entertainment.  Isaac was the first to have a go.

That's it Issac, I'm sure you can manage, but do be careful

Amelia is looking up at him, and it looks like Alfie is coming to join in the fun as well.

Ah, do love the horse do you Issac?

Give him a nice big cuddle.

Grace and Amelia are enjoying the beads.

Look out Issac, looks like Alfie is coming to join you.

Careful Alfie, I'm not sure if two babies can fit on there at the same time,


I hope you two didn't hurt yourselves...seems to be a lot of giggling going on.

And some good ol' rough and tumble

Now don't get too rough with each other.

In the meantime...

Grace grabs the opportunity to have a ride

As does Amelia.

Funny how the girls go at it at a much more leisurely and gentle pace.


  1. Adore Amelia's expression as she looks up from her bead play to watch what is happening to the boys. So real life looking.
    I too love these rocking horses and at one time they had three but when space become a problem I sold on the two 'minty' ones and kept the well played with one...though there are times when I look at 'him' that I'm not too sure if I made the right decision about this.

    Sasha love and we are all looking forward to seeing Henry etc. on Sunday. From Kendal.

  2. Very cute post...and I don't even like Sasha Babies :)


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