Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Happy 4th July

Henry had been planning a special 4th July post to all his friends in the US, but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, that has had to be put on hold.  However, best wishes are sent to you all.

So I thought I'd just post a few photos I had...

Rory managed to get a bit of skate board practice in between showers...

He is wearing a top and needle cord trousers made by myself and some Jean Jensen oxford shoes.

The (fraternal) twins, Connor and James, are dressed in matching outfits again made my myself with Jean Jensen boots.

Gorgeous boys indeed.  Sorry for Connor on the right being slightly out of focus.

I think they too are discussing what to do while the weather is dry.

Sophie has been practising her violin ready for a recital...

Emily suggested that while she was dressed up, she could pretend to be the audience.

Hopefully things will return to 'normal' soon...whatever that is!

Happy 4th July!


  1. Hope all is well. Your needlecord trousers look very nice. The fit looks perfect (your tops are very nice as well, I've just seen/commented on them before).

  2. Loving the colour combinations of the twin's new shirts, trousers and boots. Beautiful Autumnal colours.
    Rory looks as though he is getting the hang of his new skate board.
    Am I taking it that all these new Jean Jenson shoes were purchased at the festival...or not?
    The Cats for Kids? dolls can pose beautifully due to their double joints.
    Sasha love from Kendal....who must get back to HER blogging again after this little break.


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