Sunday, 22 July 2012

A little Pram Set.

Inspired by Kendal's lovely pram, I thought I better get cracking and work on a pram set for the girls pram.  They were wanting to get out in the sunshine, having been cooped up for far too long due to the wet weather.  A day of sunshine seemed almost too good to believe!  This morning I made a little mattress, bottom sheet, top sheet, blanket pillow and the quilt cover is still a work in progress, but as it was warm they didn't need it.

Ah, doesn't our little baby look happy in her pram Julia?   Do you think we ought to pull the hood up to protect her from the sun?  

That sounds like a good idea Judie.  Can you manage, or shall I come round and do it for you?

There we go, that is better isn't it?

She sure looks like a little sweetheart snug in her pram.  The twins wander off pushing the pram taking turns.


  1. Your dolls are so sweet. Their dolly buggy reminds me of one I had for my dolls when I was little! However did you find such a wonderful little buggy?!!

  2. Just darling! The baby looks very sweet in her new pram & snuggled under the covers. And your adorable redheads are so pretty!

  3. The twins in their Dollydoodles outfits look as though they are enjoying playing with the smart dolls pram, baby doll and newly made bedding in the very welcome for a change sunshine. Well done on making the delightful bedding.
    I love the way you dress Judie and Julia the same but with different fabrics just as our family's twin girls did when they were young, one opting for the pinks and reds and the other for the blues and greens.
    Sasha love from Kendal

  4. Really cute pram, I love these little prams .. mine still needs a mattress and bedding!! I'm such a bad Sasha Mum! Julia and Judie look great in their DD outfits. Cathy


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