Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Henry at the Olympics - Ladies Gymnastics Sunday Morning

Bright and early Sunday morning Henry set off to the train station for the journey into London to the North Greenwich Arena for the first of the Girls Gymnastics.

Henry remembers he mustn't stand over the yellow line...

He is all kitted out in his gear, ready to support Team GB.

Now what were you told about standing on the seats in the tube Henry?

One advantage of being there nice and early was the crowds weren't too bad...believe me they got horrendous later in the day!

Henry makes sure we have good seats.

Now remember again what the announcer said Henry, no standing on the seats!

What a great view!  We will be able to see everything from here.

Henry is very excited and gets a closer look.

The kind American family make sure he doesn't fall off the rails as he stands to get a closer view of all the preparation.

The seats behind us did fill up, but there were many many empty seats later on, of which I have photos!  One section alone had over 180 empty seats.  Disgraceful.  So did the afternoon session which we had put down for in our application but didn't get.  We would have really loved to have watched the English, Americans and Russians.  Such a criminal waste of seats.

Next up just a few photos of some of the action.  I didn't have my main camera with my, just my little pocket camera, but even so I was pretty pleased with how the few photos I took came out.


  1. Oh how wonderful for you all and especially for Henry. An event that he will never forget. (I would have given the earth to have been there with you but am unable to walk the distance or stand in the queues.) Some great action shots. I watched practically every minute of the gymnastics. Simply fantastic.
    So sad though that there were so many empty seats and that you were unable to secure any for the afternoon's groups that included the GB girls gymnastics.
    Wonderfully interesting post. Many thanks,
    Sasha love from Kendal.17 dgefluit

  2. Great pictures Lorraine, how super for you (and H)to have actually been there.
    Love, Fanny

  3. So glad you and Henry enjoyed your day at the Olympics. We desperately wanted the gymnastics tickets when we applied last year because my younger girl whom you met at the festival is a young gymnast, but we didn't get them, so you can imagine how angry I am to see so many empty seats. We attended the Mens Volleyball today in Earls court which seats 15,000 and we think there were only 10,000 at its peak. Nicholas James is very envious that Henry went to the Olympics, we didn't take him today, but I'm thinking we'll take him to the Paraolympics athletics if he is very good!

  4. Thought there for a minute you were going to slip into some lycra and get on the beam and strut your stuff Lorraine :)

  5. What a wonderful experience for you & Henry! I agree it was disgraceful for the seats to be empty like that!

  6. Forgot to mention....I LOVE Henry's outfit!

  7. Great action shots Lorraine.

  8. Well Henry obviously took great care of his Mum and behaved on the whole which, considering all the excitement must have been so hard to keep in check. I take my hat off to him.
    Lulu is impressed and has been looking at your pics from the safety of my lap and thinks it is so sad dogs who are small cant go too.
    My father sends his love and , as you know he ran for England in one of the games years ago and he is so disgusted that the seats are so massively empty. We sit and watch it together as he like Lloyds wide tv! Love you you and all your Sasha family xxx Lulu sends her love to Pirate xx


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