Friday, 6 July 2012

Yet ANOTHER rainy day

Another wet rainy day keeping the boys inside...fortunately they seem to be quite good at occupying themselves.

Looks like they are all engaged in various games.  

Henry is writing a letter to Harry as he should be home in the US very soon now.  The twins and Rory are playing a game of Ludo.

"Dear Harry,  I hope you ...."  Henry begins to write.

Simon is on the laptop, while Peter looks like he might be up to some mischief...
"Now if only I can get Simon to move for a few minutes, I can then sneak this whoopee cushion underneath him"  Thinks Peter to himself, while scheming of a way to get Simon to vacate for a short while.

"...have got home safely."  Henry continues to write.  He is also planning to paint a picture of one of his model horses.

James rolls the dice... Rory has his little pet frog with him and keeps on fidgeting.   

As James goes to move one of his pieces round the board, Rory suddenly produces his frog glove puppet

"Can I play as well?"  He says in a croaky voice.

Rory grabs the dice to give his frog a turn.

"Hey, it's my turn Rory" Connor tells him.

"No it is frogs turn, he hasn't had one yet"  Rory retorts.

"Look, that isn't fair, this is a proper game"  Connor and James tell Rory who looks back a bit surprised at the way the boys react.

"Stop messing around Rory"  James says.  "It is Connor's turn"  

"No, it isn't"

Yeah it is!"  Connor says with a raised voice.

Henry looks up and then continues to write..."Uh oh, I think the twins are going to get angry...."

"What's this on the board?"  Connor asks shocked

"My pet frog of course"  Rory replies.  "Who did you think it was?"

"Well what is he doing on the board"  James asks as Connor continues to stare with a shocked look on his face.

Rory giggles..."Looks like he wants to play as well"

James and Connor are simply not amused and suddenly start clearing the board of all the pieces.

"Oh dear"  thinks Henry...Rory needs to realise those two take everything so seriously...and continues to write his letter to Harry...."....gone off in a strop"

"Come on James, lets go and play somewhere else where we are not going to be pestered by silly boys and their frogs!" 

Off they stomp to their bedroom.

In the meantime it looks like Peter was successful in getting Simon out of the way for a few minutes while he planted the whoopee cushion...

Poourrppp!  "Simon!  How Rood"  Peter exclaims.

Simon doesn't look especially amused, although another of Rory's little frog friends looks highly amused.

"Don't you think that was funny"  Peter asks Simon.

"Well, yeah okay it was a bit"  Simon replies.  "I wonder who we could try it out on next?"

Henry continues to write his letter...what's this though?  Two frogs approaching him?

Henry looks up as he realises the frog is getting closer...he hears some stiffled giggles coming from below the table.

"Hello Mr Frog", he says.  "How are you today?"

"Ta da!"  Rory leaps up, hoping to surprise Henry.

Henry being the good sport he is acts surprised.

"Goodness Rory, you shocked me, I thought it was a real frog"  

"Will you play with me Henry?"

"Of course I will Rory, wait here and I will go and get my Mr Horse."

Henry returns with his glove puppet Mr Horse, and he and Rory have a lot of fun playing with them.

 "We really should try and make a puppet theatre sometime Rory and put on a play for the others"

"Oh cool, that sounds like a great idea"  Rory replies enthusiastically.

"My friend Oliver in Devon has a really excellent puppet theatre"  Henry tells Rory all about it.  "I know we should ask Mum if she could make us one as she made me a really super cool medieval cart for my costume prop to take to the Sasha Festival"

"Oh wow, yes lets ask her"  They wander off in search of Mum.

"Vroom, vroom"  Simon says

"Beep, Beep"  Peter replies...both boys in a world of their own, oblivious to everything else that has been going on.

"Come on guys, it is time for some food"  the hear someone call.  They leap up and dash to the table.

Connor and James have already finished theirs and are eating ice lollies.

"Oh wow, McDonalds AND cakes!  We never normally get yummy food like this to eat!"  Simon exclaims!

"Think I am just going to have a sandwich"  replies Peter

Simon gobbles down his burger and chips in record time and starts on his milkshake.  The others are taking their time.  

"If you eat slower, you might enjoy it better", Henry tells Simon.

"Nah, it tasted pretty good to me"  Simon replies.

"I've got a jelly top"  Connor tells James.

"I don't think so"  James replies.  "I've never seen them here.  Mum says you can only get them in New Zealand"

"Well, I'm going to pretend it is one anyway"  Connor says.



  1. Lovely pictures of the boys...that food makes me feel quite hungry :)

  2. What a great lot of little boys having fun and how about these gorgeous Sasha sized items??? Enchanting, all of it! Mustn't let my Sashas see these toys etc. They already feel deprived!

  3. What a super bunch of lads you have there. Quietly entertaining themselves with the various games and hobbies since thw awful wet weather has once again prevented them from going outside to play and explore.
    Mouth watering food as a reward. (I particularly noticed that you had one of those little gorgeous Marmite jars from Catherine French. I didn't see those on her sales table but I'll admit it was very crowded around there so easily missed.
    Amusing story telling. Wish that I could gear myself up to something like this but guessing that I'm an 'instant grab, pose, shoot and put away...what's next girl.' (Have written it down on my 'wish list' though so perhaps there might be some hope yet.)
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  4. Very cute story. Boys will definitely be boys! LOL!


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